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Ivan (KANJI, ROMAJI) is a character appearing in the anime series, Beyblade Burst Evolution. He quits BC Sol to follow his dream of becoming a bey trainer. He eventually becomes the Bey Trainer for the Royals.


Ivan is a boy with a blonde and light brown hair mohawk, and small blue eyes. He wears a brown beanie beret, and a plain white shirt with orange collar. He also have big, pink cheek marks, brown pants, and brown shoes.


Ivan is a gentle and kind boy who is usually the last to go into a beybattle. He is the friendliest of the trio of Stan Hamburg, Rickson Clay and himself, as he is hesitant to accuse Valt Aoi and Rantaro Kiyama when the rest of BC Sol thought they were ruining things for the team. In the end, he sees himself as not as committed to Beyblade as Valt and Rantaro, so he leaves BC Sol to train to become a Bey Trainer.

When Ivan became the Royals' new Bey Trainer, he becomes much nicer and happier for following his dream. He even demonstrates a great job of his passion, as evident when he helped the members of the Royals improve their launching techniques and gave Ghasem great advice on improving his style before their second match with BC Sol.





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Valt Aoi and Rantaro Kiyama

Unlike most of the members of BC Sol, Ivan still remains friendly towards both Valt and Rantaro, regardless if they screw things up for the team. When he realizes that he is not as passionate about Beyblade as Valt, Ivan decides to leave Spain to follow his dream of becoming a bey trainer, but not before showing up one last time to wish Valt good luck in future battles.

Free De La Hoya

Like the rest of the members of BC Sol, Ivan respects and admires Free.