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Jean Paul Barthez (ジャンポール・バルテズ, Jan Pōru Barutezu) is a character in the Original Series, consisting of Beyblade: G-Revolution. He was the coach of the Barthez Battalion, which is named after him.

Physical Appearance[]

Personality & Characteristics[]

Jean Paul was just as strict as Boris when it came to discipline, which made Aaron, Claude, Mathilda and Miguel fear him. He wanted to win by cheating, and any of his team's members who disrespected him or refused to obey his orders was eventually punished; he did not hesitate to punch both Mathilda and Miguel when all of them were in their team's locker room.

Jean Paul was a lot more frustrated by Miguel's behavior since he openly rebelled and made the first moves while the other team members only occasionally supported him. Jean Paul once grabbed the blader by his shirt, after hitting him, and shoved him forward so his back hit the wall. Of course, Jean Paul did not do this publicly; he instead put up some kind of 'loving father' mask, except when he was giving orders during beybattles.

In general, Jean Paul stopped Miguel and his teammates from developing their true talents in Beyblading. For that, the team got tired of it altogether and officially fired him as their coach in order to blossom on their own.



Jean Paul is Barthez Battalion's coach but is unnamed and only appears in one frame of the manga.

Beyblade: G-Revolution[]

Jean Paul is later revealed by Tala to have taken commands from Boris Balkov. The two evil men had one common goal: take over the world. However, this was a more discreet move from Boris, since nobody suspected Jean Paul.