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Jigsaw (ジグソー, Jigusō) is a minor character in Beyblade: Metal Fury.

He is a calm, silent Blader who feels that all others are insignificant to himself. He uses Forbidden Ionis ED145FB to dominate opponents he doesn't feel are worthy.

Physical Appearance

Jigsaw is a tall, slim teenager with light skin, dark green hair, and greyish purple eyes. He wears his hair in a bowl cut in the front that resembles a helmet. He wears glasses and a burgundy/maroon colored suit.


Jigsaw is a very quiet individual who enjoys peace and quiet, causing him to clash with loudmouths such as King and Masamune. Jigsaw is also very confident in his abilities and takes part in gloating over the two to prove himself, showing that he wishes to be respected as a strong beyblader.

During battles, Jigsaw whisks out a book from his suit's pocket and reads it, ignoring the battle to progress, to an extent.

He's also a bit egostitical, as after Masamune tried to defeat him "for his friends", Jigsaw simply replied: "win for your friends, huh? pathetic! worry about yourself!".


Beyblade: Metal Fury

Destroyer Dome

While in America, Jigsaw decides to take part in the Destroyer Dome Tournament. He is assigned to the B-Block with two annoying individuals he meets in the waiting room; Masamune Kadoya and King. They instantly clash personalities due to Jigsaw's love for silence. They all decide to settle their difference in the 360 Sphere known as the Destroyer Dome.

Jigsaw meets King & Masamune

Jigsaw meets his competition for the Destroyer Dome

Jigsaw starts off well, observing his other opponents including the Gym Trainers, Team Lovushka and Jack. Jack is the first to challenge him and is figured to be no real threat. Jigsaw decides to showcase a bit of his power and defeat the well known Jack and his Befall with ease. Jigsaw goes on to showcase his Ionis' abilities against Team Lovushka.

He uses it to nearly appear invisible and when he is nearly foiled by Lera he activates his special move to eliminate all three of them, only leaving he Masamune and King. They are eager to continue but move on to the final match instead.

Jigsaw Defeated

Jigsaw is defeated in the Destroyer Dome

In the final match Jigsaw would face the two as well as the winners of Block A Zeo Abyss, Toby and Tsubasa. Zeo and Toby are the first to challenge Jigsaw but he is able to overcome they easily using his ability to turn his beyblade invisible but is foiled by Tsubasa's special move. This causes him to gain a newfound respect for Tsubasa, and he vows to battle full on. He uses his special move and desperately eliminate Toby and Zeo.

Now in the final four, Jigsaw challenges the loud mouth King once and for all, King is so excited to battle that his power explodes and his bey is revealed to be in left rotation. Jigsaw worries as his bey cannot take the strength and tries to desperately activate his special move once again. King foils his plan by attacking and defeating his beyblade.


  • Forbidden Ionis ED145FB: Jigsaw's Primary Beyblade in Beyblade: Metal Fury. It is a powerful Balance Type Beyblade with incredible attack and defense power. It's spin track allows it to push air upwards and use it to increase the density of the air around it allowing it to reflect the light off itself and appear invisible. This can only be neutralized by sending air in the reverse of the rotation by sending shockwaves to disrupt the air.

Special Moves

  • Burst Satellite: Ionis focuses all its spin energy into itself and blasts it out in a red supernova-like attack that is spread by Ionis air control, taking in it's opponents and zapping their stamina. It was powerful enough to completely drain Evil Befall, Spiral Fox and Spiral Lyre.


Beyblade: Metal Fury
Opponent Episode Result
Unknown Bladers offscreen Win
Owen, Brad, Bruce, Jack, Team Lovushka, Masamune Kadoya, King 4D016 Win (Masamune and King too)
Masamune Kadoya, King, Tsubasa Otori, Zeo Abyss, Toby 4D017 Lose