Jim (ジム Jimu) is a character in the Original Series, consisting of Beyblade: V-Force. He is a former member of Team Psykick. His Bit-Beast and Beyblade was Cyber Draciel.



He is a tactical genius, almost to the point of being cocky, being able to figure out a beyblade's RPM rating and a Beyblader's attack pattern simply by watching them.

Even though he is rather smart, he seems to have confidence issues, shown when he runs to the table crying after King and Queen destroy his beyblade.


Beyblade: V-Force

Jim helps in the rescue of Tyson's Grandpa by getting the tree bridge to the rock where Grandpa is holding on for dear life.

He is the Beyblader chosen to use Cyber Draciel. He is the first to be introduced to the Cyber Bit-Beasts. The test put a physical and mental strain on Jim, and after he passed, he immediately started craving more power. He is the only Psykick to beat a Bladebreaker and capture his bit-beast, which was Max.

Jim is the first to submit to the power of the Cyber Bit-Beast, Cyber Draciel. He grabs the blade and goes against 20 Mecha Shot Blades, and wins. Then this huge Blade pops up and Cyber Draciel appears. It then evolves, corrupting Jim and destroying the Mammoth Blade. Goki then goes against Jim, and loses for the first time.

In the Battle Tower, he squares off against Max in the first battle. Each time Max thinks he has Cyber Draciel licked, a Cyber Bit-Beast repair system comes out of nowhere and repairs Cyber Draciel. Max continues to fight while Draciel gets pretty worn out.

The rest of the team get worried about Draciel and Max and they try in vain to get Max to stop. At the end of the match, Draciel pounds Cyber Draciel into the wall. There's smoke and no one can tell whether it was Cyber Draciel or Draciel until the smoke clears. The victor is Cyber Draciel. Jim disappears, and Draciel is captured and taken away from Max.


This digital incarnation of Draciel was made from battle data collected on Draciel, with the many defensive characteristics of the original. The main difference is that Cyber Draciel has quite an array of attack capabilities as well. His special attack was Sonic Radiation.


Beyblade: V-Force
Opponent Episode Result
Team Psykick Robot Episode 18 Win
Goki Episode 18 Win
Max Tate Episode 22 Win
Preliminary Blader Episode 43 Win
King & Queen (Tag w/ Kane) Episode 46 Lose


  • I did it! I told you Cyber Draciel can't be defeated!


  • Jim was the only member of the Psykicks who managed to defeat one of the Bladebreakers.


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