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Meow! Too bad, you little fella. Unfortunately for you, I'm as persistent as a cat.

Johannes (ヨハネス, Yohanesu) is a major antagonist on Beyblade: Metal Fury.

He is one of the seekers of Nemesis, looking to recruit Legendary Bladers to give their Star Fragment to revive Nemesis. He battles using trickery with his Beat Lynx TH170WD.

Physical Appearance

Johannes is a tall skinny young man, with dark skin and wide yellow eyes with feline pupils. Johannes wears a large white cap with a yellow cross-like symbol covering most of his dark spiky hair and his right eye. He wears a silver chain-like necklace and a white cloak with yellow symbols like on his cap with brown finger-less gloves. He also wears black pants with brown boots.


Johannes is a devious, feline-like man with a very sneaky and underhanded personality. He seems to be obsessed with cats like how Tetsuya Watarigani is with crabs which can be shown to be shared between he and Motty . Despite his effervescent and carefree nature, Johannes is pure evil, hoping to awaken the ultimate darkness Nemesis


Beyblade: Metal Fury

Hunting for Legends

Johannes past is unknown, but he decided to become one of the seekers of Nemesis in order to bring on a new dawn of Beyblade. Looking to revive nemesis he tracked Yuki Mizusawa as he gathered Legendary Bladers such as Gingka Hagane. After finally confronting them Johannes reveals that he is looking to take Pegasus and use its Star Fragment in order to revive Nemesis. Gingka refuses to go with Johannes and decides to battle instead, Johannes looking to take it one way or another.

Gingka vs Johannes 2

Johannes struggles against his first target; Gingka Hagane

Clearly, Gingka has the base advantage in the upcoming battle but Johannes uses a combination of tricks in order to gain the upper-hand. First, he leads Gingka into a narrow space where his Pegasus cannot build up speed and overwhelms him with Lynx's higher track at its base height. Gingka escapes this but cannot gain the upper-hand because of Lynx's amazing balance when falling, always landing on its feet.

This is when Johannes reveals Lynx's track height change and gets the upper-hand on Gingka, but before he can finish it Kyoya Tategami intervenes. Johannes is shocked to learn that Kyoya has also become a Legendary Blader and retreats due to Fang Leone 130W2D's new power, knowing that he cannot win a two on one battle. He then decides to follow the gang to China where he discovers that there may be a Legendary Blader among the Beylin Temple Bladers.

Dashan vs Johannes 2

Johannes battles potential legend blader; Dashan

Johannes infiltrates the temple and attacks several bladers, causing him to be caught by Gingka and his friends, including the Beylin temple leader; Dashan Wang. Gingka decides to battle Johannes but Dashan interrupts and goes on to battle him. Johannes agrees to battle to see if Dashan is a legendary blader. The two battle and Johannes struggles against Dashan's unique beyblade; Rock Zurafa R145WB which uses its rubber wings to repel Lynx.

Johannes finds a loophole in his attacks by using his Lynx's height change to battle back against Dashan. Dashan is able to maintain his lead in the battle and nearly defeats Johannes. Although Dashan is in fact an impressive beyblader, Johannes does not sense the presence of a star fragment in his beyblade and decides to retreat. Knowing that Dashan's not a legendary blader makes it obvious that no one else there is either, leading him to flee. 

Johannes decides to search for a partner for the upcoming tag team tournament where a Legendary Blader is likely to be. He then spots the infamous "Crimson Flash" in action who he believes to be the legendary blader. Johannes finds a friend named Motty who shares his love for cats, then enters the ToRyumon Tag Team Tournament. 

In the first round of the Tournament Johannes dominates his opponents alone, telling Motty to stay back while he wins. He then watches over the next matches to see if he can spot the crimson flash again but cannot. In the second round matches, Johannes is faced with Legendary Blader; Kyoya Tategami and his partner Benkei Hanawa. He tells Motty to stay back once again while he battles the fierce Lion like Blader. 

Kyoya vs Johannes

Johannes clashes with Kyoya at ToRyumon

He causes Kyoya to waste his energy by continuing to dodge his attacks until Kyoya takes a defensive stance. During the pause in the battle Johannes decides to attack but his attacks seem to be of no use, this is due to Kyoya's mastery of Leone's defense mode. Benkei then decides to attack Motty and nearly defeats her, to stop both he and Motty from losing Johannes attacks and knocks both Motty and Benkei from the stadium, allowing he and Kyoya to fight it out. 

Kyoya decides to finish the battle by unleashing a giant tornado, but Johannes claims that this will do him no good. But unfortunately for Johannes the twister lifts Lynx off the ground and allows Kyoya to activate his new special move which also defeats Johannes and eliminates him from the ToRyumon tournament.

After the tournament he tries to recruit Aguma and Bao to his side by telling them how they got the star fragment. He and Bao battle for a little bit but Johaness stops the battle by promising to offer their dreams.

He is next seen at Dynamis' Temple, where he, along with the Beylin Fist trail Gingka and the others. He confronts the group eventually, taking on Nile Benkei and Demure, tagging with Bao and the Beylin Fist with Aguma battling Kyoya. Both Nemesis bladers are defeated, and Gingka's friends manage to escape. Then, he meets the bladers at the summit of the mountain and tries to take on Dynamis, but cannot penetrate Jade Jupiter's defenses. They flee after hearing the tale of the legendary bladers from Dynamis.

Next, he is seen at the Beystar Island tournament with the Beylin Fist members, scouting for the next legendary blader. He wins battles easily in the tournament. Eventually, Chris turns out to be the legendary blader in question, and by the promise of granting him whatever he wants, Johannes garners him to the side of the Nemesis bladers. Ryuga later appears and tries to take Phantom Orion B:D's power, but Johannes saves him and gets beaten by him. Afterwards, they all retreat.

Later, he takes Chris to the main ruins and becomes surprised when he sees Dynamis there. Pluto explained that he brainwashed him to serve his purpose. When Prototype Nemesis first appears, he watches Chris, Aguma, and Dynamis all battle and lose to it. After the battle, they meet Doji, who presents Pluto with the Nemesis Bladers who all work to protect the god of destruction. The three bladers introduce themselves as Keyser, Cycnus, and Herschel. The fourth blader known as Rago is the Child of the Black Sun. Rago shows off his power, causing Johannes to get a bit frightened. They all learn from Doji that Gingka's gang has arrived at the ruins.

When Gingka's gang arrive at the front of the temple, Johannes brings Bao and the rest of the Beylin Fist members to hold off the group. While he pretends to be angry about Gingka and his allies entering the temple, it is revealed that he purposely allowed some of them to enter the temple so that their powers could be absorbed by Nemesis. Johannes and the others continue to hold off Zeo, Toby, and Benkei, but their battle is cut off short by Ryuga. Everyone gets knocked out, including Johannes.

Johannes is next seen with the Nemesis Bladers on the roof of WBBA Headquarters in order to stop Gingka and his company from pursuing Nemesis. While they have a brief advantage at first, they are eventually all defeated by Aguma, who uses Great Ring of Destruction to send them flying into a wall. After the Legendary Bladers board the helicopter, Johannes and the Nemesis Bladers retreat, never to be seen again.


Lynx the Cat
  • Beat Lynx TH170WD: Johannes's Beyblade. It is a Balance-type Beyblade that represents the constellation Lynx. It is able to stand up to powerful attacks using its Wide Defense Performance Tip and its Beat Fusion Wheel. It has the hidden ability to change it's track height to 22mm on command which can dodge the attacks of lower tracks as well as add potential attack power to Lynx.


Beyblade: Metal Fury
Opponent Episode Result
Yuki Mizusawa 4D002 No Outcome (interrupted by Gingka)
Gingka Hagane 4D002 No Outcome
Yuki Mizusawa 4D003 No Outcome (interrupted by Gingka)
Gingka Hagane and Kyoya Tategami 4D003 No Outcome
Beylin Temple Elite Bladers 4D008 Win
Beylin Temple Elite Blader 4D008 Win
Dashan Wang 4D008 No Outcome
ToRyumon First Round Bladers (Tag w/ Motty) 4D009 Win
Kyoya Tategami and Benkei Hanawa (Tag w/ Motty) 4D010 Lose
Bao 4D013 No Outcome
Benkei Hanawa, Nile, and Demure (Tag w/ Bao and Beylin Fist) 4D019 Lose
Gingka Hagane, Kyoya Tategami, Dynamis, Yuki Mizusawa, Benkei Hanawa, Nile and Demure (Tag w/ Aguma, Bao, and Beylin Fist) 4D022 No Outcome
Beyster Island Bladers 4D023 Win
Multiple Beystar Island Bladers 4D024 Win
Beyster Island Bladers 4D025 Win
Ryuga 4D026 Lose
Gingka Hagane, King, Yuki Mizusawa, and Masamune Kadoya (Tag w/ Bao and Beylin Fist) 4D033 No Outcome (Interrupted by Zeo, Toby and Benkei)
Zeo Abyss, Toby and Benkei Hanawa (Tag w/ Bao and Beylin Fist) 4D033-4D035 No Outcome (interrupted by Ryuga)
Ryuga (Tag w/ Benkei, Toby, Zeo, Bao, and Beylin Fist) 4D035 Lose
Legendary Bladers (excluding Ryuga) Zeo Abyss, Toby and Yu Tendo (Tag w/ Keyser, Cycnus, and Herschel) 4D042 Lose

Beyblade: Metal Fury



  • Johannes is likely named after Johannes Hevelius, an astronomer who introduced the constellation Lynx among other constellations. Coincidentally, his Beyblade is based on the constellation, Lynx.
  • Johannes is one of the few characters to use a Karabiner Grip.
  • Johannes is very similar to Reiji Mizuchi. For example, they both are obsessed with a certain animal (Johannes with cats and Reiji with snakes) and both act like that animal and have that animal as a bey. They also look and walk similar. Both Johannes and Reiji have similar sinister grins.
  • Johannes also shares similarities to Tetsuya Watarigani:
    • They are the antagonists of their respective seasons.
    • They are members of the antagonist organization of their seasons as well (Nemesis Cult; Dark Nebula).
    • They act like the animals they are obsessed with (Johannes - Cats; Tetsuya - Crab).
    • The same animals also represent their beys (Johannes - Lynx; Tetsuya - Cancer).
    • Sometimes, they talk like them as well. Johannes meows occasionally while Tetsuya adds the phrase "crabby crabby" to most of his sentences.
    • Both their beys can change height.
    • They use cheap tactics when battling.
    • Tetsuya redeemed himself however, while Johannes didn't.
  • It is unknown what happened to him following his final defeat.