Jose (ラモン Ramon) is a minor character from the Original Series, consisting of Beyblade: 2000. He is the leader of The Renegades.

Personality & Characteristics

He lives in Mexico and is the team captain of The Renegades. It is said that Jose is the quickest draw in the West.


Jose is first seen in the American Tournament Saga, where he fights against Tyson Granger from the Bladebreakers. Jose fights well, but stands no chance against Dragoon's Phantom Hurricane. He is seen again in the Russian World Championships Saga, supporting Tyson as an ally and watching Tyson’s beybattle with Tala on TV.


Jose uses a black Beyblade. It has an Attack Ring resembling the cylinder in a revolver that holds the bullets or a Gatling Gun used during the Mexican Revolution. It attacks from above, pinning down the opposing Beyblade and applying unrelenting pressure, mimicing a gun rapid-firing.


Jose's launcher is shaped like a revolver gun. The laucher itself is attached to the barrel whilst the ripcord is inserted in a gap above the hammer, running along the entire length of the cylinder and barrel. Jose launches his blade by simultaneously pulling the ripcord out and pressing the trigger. This increases the speed of his launch.



  • It is unknown about how he formed his team but, he managed to form his team out of sheer talent and skill