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Julian Konzern vs. Gasur is the first match between Team Excalibur and Team Desert Blaze.


Julian Alone

Julian arrives alone to face Team Desert Blaze

Team Desert Blaze, the Arabian representatives, are expecting Team Excalibur of Europe to arrive to face them in the first round of Big Bang Bladers. When Team Desert Blaze arrives for their match, Julian Konzern (Team Excalibur's leader) shows up alone. Julian tells them that if they can defeat him even once then he'll accept the loss for his team, and Team Desert Blaze will move on to the second round. Team Desert Blaze excepts the challenge. Thinking to end it quickly, Gasur steps up to take Julian down in the first match.


Cross Attacks

Storm Cross attacks Gravity Destroyer

Gasur steps up to the stadium and promises to end the match in the first round. They start of the match strong where Gasur sends his Storm Northern Cross in head on to barrage Julian's Gravity Destroyer, but it appears to be doing no visual damage. While Gasur continues his assault, Julian stands still, eyes closed. He focuses on the melody the beys make as they clash. He is annoyed at the ungraceful tune Northern Cross makes. Gasur begins to have Storm Cross jump off the edge and attack from above to continue his barrage by using diving attacks. Madoka deducts that the attacks aren't actually doing any damage and that the Energy Ring is like a helmet for the Fusion Wheel.

Medusa's Eyes

Eyes of Medusa

Julian is finally fed up with what he calls a harsh uninspired melody, referring to the rhythm of Storm Cross' attacks. Julian then tells Gasur about the legend of his bey, Destroyer (Perseus), and changes into Counter Mode. He is ready to end it now. Julian's counter mode acts as "The Eyes of Medusa" and freezes Storm Cross where it stands. Julian decides to finish it with a direct hit knocking Storm Cross out of the stadium and defeating Gasur without breaking a sweat.