Julian Konzern vs. Karte & Zidane is the second match between Team Excalibur and Team Desert Blaze.


Julian vs Karte & Zidane 1

Karte & Zidane accept Julian's terms

Julian Konzern has agreed to face Team Desert Blaze alone and has already defeated Gasur. Karte decides he is the next to battle but Julian tells him to battle him 2 on 1 with Zidane or he has no hope to win. They feel Julian is mocking them and their team, but they accept.


Crow Defeated

Destroyer splits "Crow Crusher" in one attack

As soon as the battle begins everyone is incredibly shocked at the fact that Gravity Destroyer is rotating counter clockwise. It is then revealed that Gravity Destroyer is a dual rotation beyblade. Karte and Zidane decide to try and end it quickly before Destroyer has a chance to display its left rotation abilities. They use their special combo move, Crow Crusher which combines both their bey's abilities into one attack. Julian easily counters as he uses Destroyer's power to separate the two in one attack, defeating them while displaying a huge amount of power. Julian takes his second win meaning the Team Excalibur is victorious and will move on to the second round of Big Bang Bladers.


Gingka & Julian

The rivalry begins

Julian walks out without a word after he takes his team single handedly to the second round of Big Bang Bladers. Gingka realizes that he is going to have trouble facing someone as strong as Julian and thinks about just how powerful Julian really is.
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