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Jumping Base
Number: N/A
Owner: Kenny
Bit-Beast: Tiger Defense
Attack Ring: Tiger Defense
Weight Disk: Eight Wide
Blade Base: Jumping Base
Spin Gear: None
Type: Balance
System: {{{System}}}
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Jumping Base is a Balance-Type Plastic bey from the 4 layer system. Its original release from Takara only including BB (Blade Base). The Hasbro release included the Tiger Defense and The Eight Wide in order to make it a full bey to be released.

Jumping Base is really more of a bey you would want for collection item just because it's a cute idea that doesn't quiet manage to win the battle except if you're lucky and it lands just the way you want it. So really it's more of a for fun bey, and is not really meant to be used for competitive game play.

Due to its lack in balance from its weight, and its sharp tip not allowing it enough of space to land of when it jumps. So even if the bey manages to land properly in order to get its balance back it's already lost due to losing most of its spin/stamina. You can try to improve the bey by giving it heavier parts which would help it along a lot.

Since jumping base has a limited about of Stamina due to its weight and tip, it doesn't really serve its purpose of jumping during the entire beybattle. Imagine having an attack type bey inside an inclosed stadium battling it won't be able to serve its purpose of knocking the other bey out of the stadium during its peak on spin performance. After less then 2 minutes of the bey losing its spin speed you may as well say it's lost. Which is also the case with jumping base unless in manges to land on the opposing bey within the first few seconds of the beybattle you may as well say it's lost.


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