Kakeru Tategami is the brother of Kyoya Tategami in the manga. He appears to be 13 to 14 years old. He has fought Gingka Hagane like his older brother, Kyoya. He also has a Motorbike Gang. His bey is Divine Chimera TR145FB.


  • Kakeru is always seen grinning, smiling or smirking.
  • Divine Chimera TR145FB is only used in manga.
  • "Tategami" can be known as "divine shield" like Divine Chimera TR145FB.
  • Kakeru has been shown beside his brother in the Shogun Steel anime (Japanese version) in the last episode.
  • His appearance Is similar to Ryuto's.
  • He appears in Beyblade: Shogun Steel with Kyoya Tategami.


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