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Kana Akabane, known as Kanna Akaba in Japan, is a character in the Beyblade Burst Turbo anime/manga series. She is the mother of the main character Aiger Akabane.


Kana is very calm minded and caring. She is very supportive of her children and wants them to become independent, which is why she let Aiger and Naru join the Beigoma Academy. She is also very helpful and tries to help Aiger in any way she can, as she even gave him a disc and driver for his Turbo Beyblade. Kana mostly does not get mad as she did not scold Valt after he broke their house’s roof.


Kana has long orange hair with peach highlights which she wears in a braid down the side of her shoulders. She has a button-down red checked flannel shirt and tan pants, plus tan boots. She sometimes has a straw hat on her back.


Aiger Akabane:

Kana is very supportive of her son Aiger and lets Aiger do what he wants so he may become independent. She also gave Aiger Z Achilles’s disc and driver.

Naru Akabane:

Kana loves her daughter Naru and Naru is very similar to her as well. Naru was mostly with Kana before she went with Aiger to Beigoma Academy.


Beyblade Burst Turbo

Episode 1:

Kana first appeared alongside Naru to meet Valt when he came to their farm/home. She thought of Valt as a typhoon as he came and went (even destroying their roof). She also tried to convince Taiga to make a Turbo Bey for Aiger.

Episode 2:

Kana convinced Taiga to send Aiger to Beigoma Academy and let him be a blader. Kana was very proud of Aiger as she had finally made him an independent boy.

Episode 7:

She met Aiger and Naru when they came back home. She was also watching Aiger and Taiga make the training machine, while washing dishes with Naru.