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Karte (カーテ, Kāte) is a minor character in Beyblade: Metal Masters.

He is a member of Team Desert Blaze along with his partner Zidane and his leader Gasur. He battles fearlessly in a tag team with Karte with Twin Rock Crow 125FS.

Physical Appearance[]

Karte is a young man with dark skin and spiky black hair separated by his trademark goggles that hover above his brown eyes. He wears an orange t-shirt under a short grey vest with brown straps with a gray dogtag. On his hands he wears brown fingerless gloves that look like bird handling gloves. He wears a tied cloak around his waist over tan pants.

Beyblade: Metal Masters[]

Manga: Metal Fight Beyblade - Big Bang Bladers[]

Julius vs Karte and Aiden

Karte and Aiden battles Julius Caesar

Karte was the leader of the Arabian Team during Big Bang Bladers and battled alongside Aiden. When they were up against Europe, Julius Ceasar showed up alone and challenged them to a two on one where if they won then they wouldn't have the best of three.

They accepted and battled Julius, unfortunately for them he boasted his amazing skills and dominated them with his Gravity Perseus AD145WD. They were defeated and knocked from the tournament.


Crow Beast

Special Move[]

  • Crow Crusher: A joint special move used by Karte (with Zidane). It was first used in episode 12 of Beyblade Metal Masters.


Beyblade: Metal Masters
Opponent Episode Result
Middle East selection match Offscreen Win
Unknown World Championship Bladers (tag w/ Zidane) Offscreen Win
Zidane MM012 No outcome
Julian Konzern (tag w/ Zidane) MM012 Loss
First Consolation Tournament Bladers (tag w/ Zidane) MM019 Win
Chao-Xin and Mei-Mei (tag w/ Zidane) Offscreen Loss



  • He uses the same bey as Zidane but, his beyblade is blue in color instead of gold.