Ken Daiba (Japanese: ケン・ダイバ) is a fictional character in the manga Beyblade, created by Takao Aoki. He serves is a veteran Blader, the president of G.B.C executive committee and the creator of the Heavy Metal System (H.M.S.). He is well known by veteran Bladers for his skill with the Beyblade and for his contributions to the Beyblade community, and is equally recognized as a Legendary Blader (Japanese: 伝説のブレーダー, Densetsu No Burēdā) as well as one of the most successful and influential pioneers of modern Beyblading.

As an adult, he would help organize the "G.B.C.", the most prestigious Beyblade competition that launched after the original Beyblade World Championship was interrupted by the Demolition Boys. He would also introduced the H.M.S. technology he developed to the competitors of the G.B.C. for the competition's 3rd stage and would ultimately raise the skill level of Bladers well into the next generation.


In his youth, Ken Daiba earned much recognition for his prodigious skill as a Blader, earning him the title of "Phantom World Champion" (Japanese: (まぼろし)の世界チャンピオン). Around this point of his career, Ken would develop the original technology for the Heavy Metal System and would be even complete a functioning prototype. However, during testing, he would suffer an injury which left a large scar on the left cheek of his face. Despite the accident, Ken would eventually master the technology before shifting his attentions from active competition to development and business. As an adult, Ken would become the president of the G.B.C. executive committee and, though not an active competitor, he would disputably become one of the most influential pioneers of modern Beyblading with his H.M.S. technology.

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