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Kennosuke Shishi (獅子剣之介 Shishi Kennosuke) is a recurring character from the Bakuten Shoot Beyblade manga. He makes cameo appearance at the end of Beyblade: G-Revolution.

Personality & Characteristics[]

Kennosuke trains extensively to Beyblade and believes he should not fight for insignificant battles. He runs, practices swordsmanship and makes Guardian Driger push away and destroy rocks.



Guardian Driger Bit-Beast as it appeared in the games

Kennosuke's Beyblade is Guardian Driger. His launcher is shaped like a sword and shoots the blade when it is pulled out of the sheath.

In the games, the Beyblade featured its own bit-beast which was a winged Lion.



Daichi Sumeragi meets Kennosuke when he was chasing a man who had stolen a lady's purse. Kennosuke launches his beyblade at the thief and knocks him off his motorcycle by slicing one of its tires in half with his Guardian Driger.

Daichi, already overwhelmed by Kennosuke's power and skills from when he stopped the thief, insisted on challenging him to a beybattle, which he lost. At the end of the battle, Daichi's Gaia Dragoon strikes at a rock which stood just behind Kennosuke's younger brother, Tenmaru. Gaia Dragoon formed a hole in the rock, yet Guardian Driger completely sliced it in half. This showed Daichi that he needed to train in order to beat Kennosuke, and he did. Although Kennosuke lost the second battle, he now understood that beyblades could be used that way, for fun and self-esteem. He went with Tenmaru on a quest to find out more about Beyblades.

When Daichi appears and demands a battle, Kennosuke simply ignores him, but when a training exercise goes wrong and Tenmaru is nearly injured because of Daichi, Kennosuke sees it as Daichi doing whatever it takes to battle him, so he accepts the challenge. However, he easily defeats Daichi. After seeing the results of Daichi's rigorous training (blisters on his hands) Kennosuke accepts the rematch challenge and is defeated. In result, he decides to do "some serious blade know, the bey kind."

He later reappears in Volume 12 when Daichi is holding a 99 winning streak in a small tournament and Tenmaru shows up to battle.

Beyblade: G-Revolution[]

Kennosuke is unnamed in the anime and only appears in the Special Japanese Ending of G-Revolution, alongside Tenmaru Shishi and Hikaru Tomonji (who are also unnamed).


Tenmaru Shishi[]

Tenmaru Shishi is Kennosuke's younger brother. With the help of his brother, he trains to become a great sword fighter.