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I am not done yet. I told you no matter what happens i will never give up, understand? I'll just keep coming at you again and again. I will never stop trying! Prepare yourself, Ryuga!

Kenta Yumiya Beyblade: Metal Fury - Episode 32

Kenta Yumiya (湯宮ケンタ / 湯宮健太, Yumiya Kenta) is one of the main characters of the Metal Saga anime and manga series and arguably the tritagonist of the saga overall.

He is one of Gingka Hagane's friends and goes to many lengths to support him. He is also friends with Madoka Amano, Benkei Hanawa, Yu Tendo, Tsubasa Otori, Kyoya Tategami and Ryuga. Kenta was formerly the owner of Flame Sagittario C145S and currently owns Flash Sagittario 230WD.

Intially poorly skilled in battle, as the series progressed, he gained confidence and become a very strong and competent blader. Through his continuous effort, he even earned the respect of the Legendary Blader Ryuga, who later passed his Star Fragment to Kenta, evolving his Bey.

In the Beyblade: Shogun Steel manga, Kenta is shown to be the store manager of B-Pit. This is due to Madoka Amano not appearing in the manga.


Kenta is a short Blader with bright green hair with brown eyes. He wore a yellow T-shirt with a straight blue stripe running across his chest and arms in the first two seasons, and a yellow shirt with a white line down the chest in Metal Fury, and also a pair of blue shorts. Kenta also wears blue and white trainers with white socks. He also started wearing brown fingerless gloves, a brown cloak and brown hat. Kenta then took away his brown cloak and hat, but kept his brown fingerless gloves on. In the Metal Saga, Kenta and Yu look about the same age though this is unknown



Kenta Preparing for Battle

At the beginning of the series, Kenta was a new blader who didn't have much confidence in his skills, however he gained confidence after he met Gingka and strived to be like him.

Kenta is very kind and caring and if he ever notices something wrong with his friend, he would always be concerned for him/ her and asks what's wrong until he gets an answer. He is also very loyal to his friends Throughout the series Kenta can also be seen to be very emotional whenever he, his Bey, or his friends are in danger.


Beyblade: Metal Fusion


Kenta Battling in Metal Fusion

In episode 1, Kenta got to the quarter-final of a Beyblade tournament. When he was out of the tournament building, he was forced to fight a Beybattle against Benkei and four other Face Hunters. Benkei kept on smashing Sagittario, not allowing it to hit the ground. However, Gingka appeared and saved Kenta by beating the Face Hunters with his bey Pegasus. Gingka and Kenta later get to know each other. The Face Hunters then force Gingka to fight in a 1 vs. 100 Bey match! As Kenta rushes to watch Gingka fight, Gingka is victorious using his Storm Pegasus to defeat every single Bey. They rejoice until they find the leader of the Face Hunters, Kyoya Tategami.In episode 2, Kenta is talking with Ginka about him and how he should stay in the town. After talking with Ginka Kenta leaves but is ambushed by Benkei and other facehunters. Benkei steals Kenta's beyblade Flame Sagittario and says that is Gingka does battle Kyoya in the top of Metal Tower, Benkei will throw Sagittario from the top of the tower causing it to break into pieces.

In episode 3, Kenta asks Gingka to teach him to be a great blader just like him but when Gingka refuses, Kenta then battles battles Gingka but loses but Gingka tells him that he won't be leaving the town.

After losing many times to Hikaru Hasama, he with Benkei helps created a special move called Flame Claw which allowed him to finally win.

When Kyoya Tategami returned from training, he told Benkei to go talk to him. When Benkei does Kyoya starts beating him brutally until Kenta comes to help. Despite there efforts both are beaten badly by Kyoya.

Kenta later strived to take part in Battle Bladers, earning the 50,000 Bey Points required to enter the tournament. In the first round of the same, he defeated Tetsuya.

In episode 43, Kenta spectated Kyoya and Benkei fight and Gingka and Ryutaro fight. He with the gang later found Yu coming for help, hurt.

In episode 44, Kenta was to fight Reiji, in the Battle Bladers tournament. After hearing how Reiji crushed Yu with his Poison Serpent, Kenta promises to defeat Reiji. He uses Yu's Flame Libra's Performance Tip (ES) on Flame Sagitarrio to help him defeat Reiji. At first, Sagittario is off to a good start but then Serpent starts getting rough by breaking Sagittario's three claws. However he tries to use his Blader's Spirit with Yu to fight, he ultimately loses. As Reiji is about to break Sagittario, Gingka stops this. As Kenta is left heart-broken about losing, Yu reminds him that the spectators are cheering him on making Kenta happy once more. Later he joins the group to watch Tsubasa battle Ryuga and gets crushed when Ryuga takes away Tsubasa's energy with no remorse.

Beyblade: Metal Masters

Kenta and Hyoma were there, when Gingka obtained Galaxy Pegasus from Komba Village and when Gingka had his very first battle with Masamune Kadoya; Kenta even met Masamune and became friends. Kenta also faced Masamune in a Beybattle to try out for a spot in the Japanese representational team, Team Gan Gan Galaxy; yet Kenta lost. However, when Gingka and the others had to leave for China to begin the World Beyblade Championship, Kenta wished Gingka good luck and hoped that Gan Gan Galaxy would win.

Throughout the battles, Kenta would always be there to cheer for Team Gan Gan Galaxy, even if he wasn't with Gingka and Co. In the end ,Gan Gan Galaxy won the World Beyblade Championship after beating Team Star Breaker. Kenta even played a minor role, in helping the Team train for their match against Team Wild Fang, where he and Masamune, had a match of their own. He later helps the teams fight Hades Inc to stop the Spiral core. Although getting left behind he wishes his friends well. After Gingka and Massamune beat Faust he joins Benkei to congratulate them and says that no mater what he will get stronger.

Beyblade: Metal Fury


Kenta trying to persuade Ryuga

Kenta joins Gingka, Kyoya, Yuki and the others on their search to find the Legendary Bladers. Kenta is eager to help and is much more mature than the previous seasons. After they land on the island, he battles with Sala many times, teaching her how to become stronger.

After Gingka, Kyoya and Yuki lose to Ryuga, who refuses to join them, Kenta decides to go after Ryuga himself and make him listen and join them. He follows him to many tournaments, and is determined to make him listen. For this, he trains hard day-and-night and learns how to survive in the wild.


Kenta battling Gingka

In the Beyster Island tournament, Kenta follows Ryuga, but comes across Gingka at one point of time. He battles him fiercely, but since he has not perfected his special move, he loses.

After days of training, Kenta finally challenges Ryuga again after perfecting his new special move, Diving Claw. Ryuga crushes this with his Dragon Emperor Supreme Flight, but learns that this has cracked his face bolt. This makes him take Kenta seriously, and even though he doesn't listen to him, he starts to respect him as a Blader.

After Ryuga loses to Nemesis and falls unconscious, Kenta is angered and attacks Nemesis and refuses to give up. Nemesis breaks Flame Sagittario's claws, but suddenly, Ryuga emerges and gives Kenta his star fragment's power. Kenta's Bey evolves into Flash Sagittario 230WD.


Kenta and his new Sagittario attacking Nemesis

Pluto is not ready to accept this, and as Rago creates a barrier around his bey, Diablo Nemesis, Pluto engages Kenta with his Firefuse Darkhelm. Kenta masters the new power of his bey during this, and uses his new special move, Diving Arrow to defeat him. He helps the Bladers of the 4 Seasons form Zeus' Barrier, as the ruins collapse.

It is revealed that Nemesis survived (since a section of Fusion Hades AD145SWD landed in the barrier), and as the Bladers launch their beys against it, they are stopped and broken one-by-one. Kenta is one of the last ones to survive, but Nemesis uses Ryuga's power to destroy Kenta's Flash Sagittario. In the end, Kenta lends his power to Gingka who defeats Nemesis on his and the Legendary Bladers' behalf.

Beyblade: Shogun Steel

Kenta is mentioned by Benkei when he tells Zyro Kurogane about how Kenta was a weak kid until Benkei himself trained him. Zero becomes amazed upon hearing this.


Gingka Hagane

Kenta's relationship with Gingka is ever-growing because of the fact that Gingka has been always there whenever he needed him, in fact in the first time they met, Gingka saved Kenta from the Face Hunters which showed how much Kenta owes Gingka. It was because of Gingka, that Kenta became such a strong Beyblader. When Gingka arrived in Metal Bey City, Kenta was his immediate friend. Gingka gave much advice to Kenta about Beyblading and this is the main reason why Kenta has become so strong through out the Metal Saga.


Although Kenta and Ryuga did not have much of a relationship in either Metal Fusion or Metal Masters. In Metal Fury, Kenta, who was determined to become a Legendary Blader, left Gingka and Co. and went to Ryuga to ask him to come and help Gingka and his friends find the Legendary Bladers. At first, Ryuga disagrees but due to Kenta's strong determination which showed Ryuga how much Kenta cared about his friends, he accepts.

During their travels, Ryuga has helped Kenta to become stronger by breaking big boulders along with other exercises. Throughout, their relationship increases as they have begun to understand each other better. With this, Ryuga has started to help Kenta, to become a Legendary Blader.

Kenta also cares about Ryuga just like how he does with Gingka. This is evident in Sagittario's Blow, in which he relentlessly battled Ryuga in order to ensure, Ryuga would not be corrupted by Nemesis' power as he was with Lightning L-Drago 100HF. Despite losing and L-Drago Destroy's Face Bolt being cracked as a result, Kenta was successful. He cared alot about Ryuga in Metal Fury.

This is further seen in 4D039, in which after Nemesis' "Armageddon" Special Spin Move was activated, Kenta clinged to Ryuga to have Ryuga come with him and the others to escape the destruction of the temple. Ryuga refused and Gingka grabbed Kenta to safety. Ryuga was trapped in the temple's rubble as a result.In Episode 40 of Metal Fury, it was seen that Ryuga was alive but angry and wanted revenge. Later, on Nemesis vs L-Drago, Ryuga loses against Rago and Nemesis and L-Drago seems to be badly damaged . Also Ryuga is knocked unconscious groaning in pain. On An Inherited Light , after L-Drago and Ryuga disintegrate after giving Kenta and Flame Sagittario the star fragment , Kenta bursted into tears and sorrow , telling Rago he will not go down again. And so, Kenta Got A New Bey: Flash Sagittario 230WD.


MFB Archer

Flame Sagittario C145SFlameSagittario: Kenta's Primary Beyblade in Beyblade: Metal Fusion & Beyblade: Metal Masters, his first Beyblade in Beyblade: Metal Fury. It is a stamina type Beyblade that Kenta exploits as an Attack type by using its Claws.

Flash Sagittario 230WDAtack mode: Kenta's second Beyblade in Beyblade: Metal Fury. It is a stamina type Beyblade that evolved from Flame Sagittario when Ryuga enchanted his Star Fragment within it, giving it the power of L-Drago Destructor. It has incredibly powerful attack power with great endurance and speed as well.

Special Moves

Flame Sagittario

Flame Claw: Sagittario extends it's Claws on it's spin track as they ignite to engulf Sagittario in flames and slam into the opponent. While training with Ryuga, Kenta improved this technique to work in mid air and eventually developed it into Diving Claw.

Diving Claw: Derived from Sagittario's Flame Claw, Sagittario extends it's Claws and wraps itself in flames while in mid air, using the air resistance to fuel it's fire. It was difficult to control due to the content of the air and its overwhelming power, which cost Kenta his match with Gingka.

Flash Sagittario

Diving Arrow: With control of the diving claw added with Ryuga's Star Fragment, Flash Sagittario could easily manipulate flames and heat while in mid air, covering itself in a glowing ball of fire. As if an archer were firing it, Saggitario flies at the opponent, diving down and exploding the field into flames.


Initially, Kenta was a blader with very poor skills. However through training with Gingka and Benkei, Kenta managed to reach a high state of power and eventually managed to draw out the potential of Flame Sagittario's claws to make his own special move, which had enabled him to defeat the likes of Hikaru and her Aquario. He participated in many tournaments, even if he did not win, like in a survival battle. In Stormy Battle Royale, he makes it to second place, outlasting other opponents, including Gingka, even though Kenta was defeated by Kyoya, who called him too slow to win. Kenta had earnt 50,000 points to get into the Battle Bladers, where he had easily defeated Tetsuya, but loses in a tough fight with Reiji, who broke his bey. Despite the defeat, Kenta fought considerably very well, being the first one to bring out Reiji's full power, after bringing the latter to a hysterical state using his power.

Kenta later tried to get into the Team GanGan Galaxy, however he had finished in sixth place during the nomination tournament, due to losing against Masamune, making him ineligible to join the the World Championships. However after hearing the plans about Nemesis' revival, Kenta had trained extremely hard, reaching to absolutely high levels of through training with Ryuga. In attempts to force Ryuga to take him seriously so he would go with them to fight Nemesis. Kenta had reached such a high level of sheer power that he was even able to keep up with the likes of Gingka and his Cosmic Pegasus, which forced forced him to use all of his power to defeat Kenta. Although Kenta never won a match against Ryuga, during the battle he broke his L-Drago's facebolt, which no one had done before. During the battle with Nemesis, Ryuga gives him a star fragment and Kenta becomes the new Legendary Blader of the summer season.

Beyblade: Metal Fusion
Opponent Episode Result
Tournament Blader (1st round) Offscreen Win
Tournament Blader (2nd round) Offscreen Lose
Tournament Blader (1st round) MF001 Win (offscreen)
Tournament Blader (2nd Round) MF001 Win
Koji Yamada (Quarter-finals) MF001 Lose
Tournament Blader MF001 Win (dream)
Benkei Hanawa (Tag w/ Gingka) MF001 Win
Akira MF003 Lose
Gingka Hagane MF003 Lose
Akria MF004 Win
Tetsuya Watarigani MF005 Lose
Takashi MF006 Win
Gingka Hagane MF006 No outcome (Gingka fainted)
Hikaru Hasama MF006 Lose (x8)
Benkei Hanawa MF007 Lose (many times)
Tetsuya Watarigani MF007 No Outcome (interrupted by Benkei)
Hikaru Hasama MF007 Draw
Hikaru Hasama MF007 Win
Benkei Hanawa MF009 Win
Kyoya Tategami (Tag w/ Benkei) MF009 Lose
Dark Nebula Beyblades (Tag w/ Gingka, Benkei and Kyoya) MF011 Win
Giant Beyblade (Tag w/ Gingka, Benkei and Kyoya) MF012 Win
Dark Nebula Bladers (Tag w/ Gingka, Benkei and Kyoya) MF012 No outcome
Hyoma MF016 Lose
Benkei Hanawa MF018 No outcome
Benkei Hanawa MF019 No outcome
Osamu and Takashi (Tag w/ Benkei) MF019 Win
2 Tournament Bladers (Tag w/ Benkei) MF019 Win
2 Tournament Bladers (Tag w/ Benkei) MF019 Win
2 Tournament Bladers (Tag w/ Benkei) MF019 Win
Gingka Hagane (Tag w/ Benkei) MF019 No outcome
2 Tournament BeyBladers (Tag w/ Benkei) MF019 Win
Survival Battle Blader MF020 Win
Tetsuya Watarigani (Tag w/ Benkei, Osamu, Takashi, and Akira) MF020 Win
Yu Tendo, Hikaru Hasama, Benkei Hanawa MF021 Lose
Gingka Hagane, Kyoya Tategami, Benkei Hanawa, Hikaru Hasama, Hyoma, Osamu, Takashi, Tetsuya Watarigani , Akira MF023 Lose
Tournament Blader MF024 Win
Tournament Blader (1st round) MF027 Win
Tournament Blader (2nd round) MF027 Win
Tournament Blader (3rd round) MF027 Win
Tsubasa Otori MF027 Lose
Tournament Blader (1st round) MF029 Win
Tournament Blader (2nd round) MF029 Win
Sora Akatsuki MF029 Win X2
Atsuya Okiya (3rd round) MF029 Win (offscreen)
Sora Akatsuki, Tournament Bladers MF029 Win
Dan Sodo and Reiki Sodo MF031 Win
Kyoya Tategami, Gingka Hagane, Hyoma, Tsubasa Otori, Yu Tendo MF032 Runner-up
Kazuki MF037 Win
Yui MF037 Win
Busujimas gang (Tag w/ Sora) MF037 Win
Busujimas Gang (Tag w/ Gingka) MF037 Win
Tournament Blader MF038 Win
Tubsasa Ortori MF038 Lose
Tubsasa Ortori MF038 No outcome (interrupted by Gingka)
Tetsuya Watarigani MF040 Win
Reiji Mizuchi MF044 Lose
Dark Nebula Bladers (Tag w/ Hyoma) MF046 Win
Doji MF046 Lose
Doji (Tag w/ Hyoma) MF046 Lose
Beyblade: Metal Masters
Opponent Episode Result
Gingka Hagane MM002 No outcome
Selection BeyBladers MM004 Win
Masamune Kadoya MM004 Lose
Japanese Selection Match MM004 Lose (6th place)
Gingka Hagane, Benkei Hanawa MM006 Lose
Masamune Kadoya MM020 Lose
Brad Bruce and Owen (Tag w/ Masamune and Gingka) MM036 No outcome
Gingka Hagane Masamune Kadoya, Chiyun Li Dashan Wang, Mei-Mei, Chao Xin MM040 No outcome (interrupted by Phoenix)
Phoenix (Tag w/ Gingka, Massamune, Chi Yun, Dashan, Mei Mei and Chao Xin) MM040 Lose
Selen Garcia and Enso Garcia (Tag w/ Benkei, Damoure, Chi-Yun, Mei-Mei and Chaoxin) MM045 Win
Argo Garcia and HD Academy Bladers (Tag w/ Gingka and Hikaru) MM046 Win
Metal Fight Beyblade VS the Sun: Sol Blaze
Opponent Result
Gingka Hagane Lose
Helios (Tag/w Benkei and Yu) Lose
Sun Footsolders (Tag/w Yu) No Outcome (Interupted by Helios)
Beyblade: Metal Fury
Opponent Episode Result
Tournament Blader (1st round) 4D001 Win (offscreen)
Tournament Blader (2nd round) 4D001 Win (offscreen)
Tournament Blader (Semi-finals) 4D001 Win
Tournament Blader (Finals) 4D001 Win
Gingka Hagane 4D002 Lose
Sala 4D004 Win
Sala (Tag w/ Yuki) 4D004 Win
Yuki Mizusawa 4D006 Lose (Multiple Times)
Sala 4D006 No Outcome (Interrupted by volcano erupting)
Tournament Blader (1st round) 4D007 Win
Tournament Blader (2nd round) 4D007 Win
Tournament Blader (3rd round) 4D007 Win
Ryuga 4D007 LoseX2
Tournament Bladers 4D013 Win
Tsubasa Otori 4D013 No outcome
Tsubasa Otori 4D013 Lose
Beystar Island Bladers 4D023 Win
Gingka Hagane 4D024 Lose
Ryuga 4D032 Lose
Gingka Hagane 4D040 No outcome
Gingka Hagane 4D041 No outcome
Rago and Pluto (Tag w/ Legendary Bladers, Masamune, Yu and Tsubasa) 4D045-4D049 Pluto = Win
Rago = Draw
Nemesis (Tag w/ Legendary Bladers, Masamune, Yu and Tsubasa) 4D049-4D052 Eliminated (In 4D050)
Kyoya Tategami Offscreen Lose


Beyblade: Metal Fusion


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