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Kerbecs Blade Blast is a Stealth Battlers Beyblade, part of the Extreme Top System. It is based on Hades Kerbecs BD145DS and was released in early January 2012 in North America.


Kerbecs Blade Blast resembles its Performance Top System counterpart of Hades Kerbecs BD145DS, but features a yellow opaque variant of Kerbecs, while its Face Bolt is an opaque yellow with a printed black Kerbecs motif. Its Fusion Wheel resembles Hades but in a yellow color, with red square-like holes between each blade. Underneath these red holes, are pockets for its "red hidden blades" that "unleash to strike opponents". These wings resemble blades, hence the name. In a bottom view, the underside of the Wheel is silver with three triangular, yellow spikes around it. There is a hexagonal-shape as well, and its Performance Tip also appears to be a yellow DS.


Kerbecs Blade Blast performs similar to Hades Kerbecs BD145DS, but falls short because of its plastic wheel and spin-reducing blades. The blades actually work against it, since they are not hard or firm enough to stay in place. They lower Kerbecs' stamina when it hits an opposing Bey, although it may also affect the opposing Bey's spin when contact is made. In addition, the blades unbalance Kerbecs, further reducing its stamina.