Kerbeus Wing Fusion (ケルベウス・ウイング・フュージョン, Kerubeusu Uingu Fyūjon) is a Balance-Type Beyblade released as part of the Burst System. It was released as a Booster in Japan on July 18th, 2015 for 800円 and was later released in western countries as a Single Pack.

Energy Layer - Kerbeus

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Kerbeus is a circular shaped Energy Layer designed for Defense. Kerbeus' center, as the name states, depicts a 3-headed dog-like monster named Cerberus spitting flames. Two of the heads represented by the colored plastic underneath the transparent casing are located on one side, while the third is located on the opposite side. Theoretically, this would leave the Energy Layer unbalanced, but in reality the effect is so minuscule that it shouldn't be considered a fault in competitive play. Kerbeus' rim has 16 protrusions, with half of the protrusions being larger. In theory, this characteristic would grind the opponent's Layer, but in reality it has the reverse effect and that makes it prone to loss by Out Spin and the uneven surface adds recoil. Kerbeus does, however, have decent Stamina and Defense abilities granted by its circular shape.

It was particularly hard to Burst and had a mostly balanced design but, due to the release of newer Energy Layers, Kerbeus has been overshadowed. These are reasons which add to this Energy Layer's position as now outclassed in all categories.

Forge Disc - Wing

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Wing features a six-blade design. On the upper side of the Forge Disc, the letter W appears for easy differentiation from other Forge Discs.

The blades of Wing are meant to create Upper Force in Right-Spin and Down Force in Left-Spin. However, the small size of the blades makes any such effect negligible.

Due to its light weight and feeble relief that does not truly come in contact with opponents, Wing disadvantages any Beyblade it is part of.

Performance Tip - Fusion

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Standing at a standard height for Burst Beyblades, Fusion is a Performance Tip with a flat base that has a small sharp tip protruding in its center, similar to the Flat Sharp Performance Tip from Metal Fight Beyblade. Like the latter, it tries to perform well as a Balance Type but fails to provide great Attack movement or the stability and Stamina required for the other types of Combinations. For those reasons, Fusion is unable to do better or even as good as all other Performance Tips specialized in their Combination Type, therefore it is never used competitively.


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  • This Beyblade was incorrectly labeled as a Defense Type in the Hasbro version.