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Keyser is one of the antagonists in Beyblade: Metal Fury. He is a part of the Nemesis Bladers - bladers that are the opposites of the Legendary Bladers who wish to revive Nemesis and take control of the world. His Beyblade is Bakushin Beelzeb T125XF.


Keyser has black hair and a metallic black mask that covers most of his face. He has a purple scarf similar to Gingka Hagane's that resemble the wings of a mosquito. He also wears a blue jump suit, with a brown belt, and bandages on his arms. Overall, his appearance makes him resemble a mosquito.


He was found by Doji, who served for Pluto, the descendants of Hades.

Beyblade: Metal Fury[]

Like the other Nemesis Bladers, he is usually seen with Johannes, battling the protagonists and the Legendary Bladers while working towards helping Pluto and Rago revive Nemesis.


Beyblade: Metal Fury
Opponent Episode Result
Yu TendoKing and Masamune Kadoya (Tag w/ Herschel) 4D034-4D037 Lose
Legendary Bladers (except Ryuga) Zeo Abyss, Toby and Yu Tendo (Tag w/ Johannes  Herschel and Cycnis) 4D042 Lose



  • He is named after Pieter Dirkszoon Keyser, a navigator who created the constellation Musca, which is why his beyblade is based on the constellation, Musca.
  • He is the first blader to have the Bakushin Fusion Wheel in the anime.
  • He is the second person in the Metal Saga to have a bey based on a fly/mosquito. Van, from the Beyblade: Metal Fusion Video Game who owns Bloody Beelzebrute, similarly named to Bakushin Beelzeb.
  • He is the only Nemesis Blader with a non-4D Beyblade.