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Kid Draciel (known in Japan as Kids Draciel) is a Defense-type Beyblade and a variation of Draciel. It is mostly made of plastic.


The chip depicts the "Kid series" of Draciel.

The code on the Japanese version is for unlocking the bit in Beyblade Fighting Tournament.

Attack Ring (AR): Smash Turtle

Smash Turtle is one of the wider AR's and as well as having a good weight, along with it's unique design, make it a very useful AR in many different types of customizations. Smash Turtle is almost a complete circle, separated in three places by points that are in the shape of a turtle's head. When Smash Turtle was originally designed, the original idea was to wear down opponents using the three protrusions on each wing (which is neglable) and the slopes (which is the main focus of this AR). Majority of this AR is three wings that have a downward angle on the ends, which makes Smash Turtle the top choice for a Force Smash customization.

Use in Force Smash Customization Force Smash is a fairly difficult type of Attack as it requires a few factors to be used successfully. The first factor, is being the proper height. If the Force Smash custom is shorter than the opponent, then there will be no Force Smash coming from your Beyblade, the same applies if your opponent is extremely short. The second factor is to do your best to make sure your Beyblade is spinning in the same direction as your opponent. If the two Beyblades are spinning in opposite spin directions, then the Force Smash effect will be extremely ineffective.

  • AR: Smash Turtle
  • WD: Wide Defense
  • SG: Neo Right/Neo Left SG (Heavy Metal Core) (Takara Metal Driger)
  • SP: Defense Ring (Voltaic Ape)
  • BB: Customize Grip Base (Dragoon V2)

Use in Weight-Based Defense Customization Smash Turtle is a very big AR, and with that size comes a good bit of weight, but the main reason to use Smash Turtle in Weight-Based Defense customs, is for Force Smash. The Force Smash effect is very useful in this Weight-Based Defense Custom as it brings a significant amount of Survival to the Weight-Based Defense, allowing for a higher chance of out-spinning the opponent.

AR: Smash Turtle WD: 10 Heavy SG: Neo Right/Neo Left SG (Heavy Metal Core) (Takara Metal Driger) SP: Defense Ring (Voltaic Ape) BB: Customize Metal Change Base (Driger V2)

Weight Disk (WD): Eight Wide

See Eight Wide.

Spin Gear (SG): Right SG

See Right SG.

Blade Base (BB): SG Sharp

See SG Sharp.

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