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The King Lion Furious Blast Shot (Japanese: 獅子爆風激烈弾(ししばくふうげきれつだん)) is a Special Move introduced in the Beyblade: Metal Fusion TV series. This move was used by the Blader Kyoya Tategami with his Bey, Rock Leone 145WB and has made appearances in other media, including video games and film.


The King Lion Furious Blast Shot launches the Bey through the air inside of a powerful tornado and crash into the enemy Bey.

In The TV Series

Kyoya appears to be able to steer the move as his Bey is shown making multiple passes while the move is activate.

In Video Games

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The "King Lion Furious Blast Shot" appears in "Beyblade: Metal Masters" for the Nintendo DS as one of the Special Moves for the in-game exclusive Energy Ring, Counter Leone and would be the only game where the move would be featured.

In Other Media


In The TV Series

The King Lion Furious Blast Shot debuted in Beyblade: Metal Fusion episode 49, entitled "Fierce Battle! Lion vs. Dragon", during his Beybattle against Ryuga. In its one-time appearance, Kyoya unleashed the move in an unsuccessful attempt to defeat Ryuga's Lightning L-Drago 100HF and their Dragon Emperor Soaring Destruction attack which failed

In Video Games

The King Lion Furious Blast Shot appeared in the Nintendo DS video game "Beyblade: Metal Masters" as the Face Technique for Counter Leone D125B Beyblade.

In Other Media

The King Lion Furious Blast Shot was featured in the Japanese animated film "Metal Fight Beyblade VS The Sun: Sol Blaze, the Scorching Hot Invader", being used by Kyoya with his Rock Leone 145WB to defeat the film's antagonist, Bakin and his Dark Poseidon 145WD.


Kanji 獅子 爆風 激烈
Hiragana しし ばくふう げきれつ だん
Rōmaji Shishi Bakufū Gekiretsu Dan
Literal translation Synonym of ライオン (raion, “lion”) (big cat Panthera leo) blast from an explosion severe, violent, vehement, furious, fervent, desperate, terrible, acute pellet, bullet, shot, shell
Translation Lion Blast Furious Shot




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