King Lion Reverse Wind Strike is the sixth special move used by Kyoya Tategami and his Rock Leone 145WB and later Fang Leone 130W2D.


Reverse Wind Strike

Leone launches itself in the air turns upside down and releases a giant tornado that engulfs the opponent. Then, Leone plummets downward and strikes the enemy bey.

Beyblade: Metal Masters

Kyoya first used this move in The Shocking Wild Fang to defeat Salhan, the leader of Team Chandora.

Beyblade: Metal Fury

Kyoya and Fang Leone were revealed to still have this attack in their arsenal and apparently, the same with every move prior (not counting Lion Gale-Force Wall, which Kyoya almost always uses and King Lion Furious Blast Shot, which had only been used by Rock Leone against Ryuga's dark form).


  • This arguably as Kyoya's strongest Special Move after King Lion Furious Blast Shot, prior to the development of King Lion Crushing Fang.