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Kira Hayama (破山キラ, Hayama Kira) is the former main antagonist of the Beyblade: Shogun Steel anime. He is the fearsome wielder of the Bey Berserker Behemoth SR200BWD, and later Gladiator Bahamoote SP230GF.

A DNA member, Kira along with Yoshio Iwayama, were sent by DNA to foresee the events of Neo Battle Bladers. A brutal Blader, he is among the most powerful of DNA's Bladers that were enhanced with the project Evil Gene.


Kira Hayama has a very androgynous appearance as with the case of Tsubasa Otori, Teru Saotome, Ryutaro Fukami and Jack.

Kira is a tall and slender young man with pale complexion and golden eyes slightly hidden by his hair's drooping bangs. The right eye is covered by a large black eye-patch that secretly works as a "Beyblade tracker", detecting where the opposing Bey in a Beybattle is in a similar manner to Tobio Oike's. He has quite a large spiked set of light greyish-purple hair primarily consisting of five spikes that seem to give off the impression of a crown, much like Zyro Kurogane's. Parts of it are dyed pastel green, pastel pink and aqua. He spots signature violet lipstick on his bottom lip.

Kira's attire consists of a sleeveless navy blue jump-suit with red and black straps and some gold highlights, cut to reveal a small part of his upper torso as well as his six-pack abs. His sleeves are replaced by the long red gloves with gold orbs around the end. He also wears a matching red belt and hairband with the same orbs, black pants, and dark grey boots with red openings and golden latches at the back.


Kira is a Blader never to be underestimated in fights. When battling, Kira shows no doubt or hesitation as he always expects to win all battles. This is especially true because as a member of DNA, Kira has the Evil Gene implanted in him which gifts Kira with phenomenal, powerful strength to win almost any Beybattle in any situation. Kira fearlessly intimidates and even ridicules his opponents, making grotesque facial expressions to rattle them. Kira is also a sadist as he enjoys the harm and pain he inflicts to his opponents, evident by how he injured Shinobu's arm and found it amusing when he threw Eight back into the wall.

In addition to his bizarre approach to Beybattling, Kira seems to show several feminine qualities, as evident by his revealing clothes, profile and body language, like placing his arm on his hip, and twisting his wrists forwards while bringing his arms backwards.

After Zero saves his life after beating him the second time he understands how bey sprit works and helps him and Ginka defeat Doji's robot.


Beyblade: Shogun Steel

The Dragon-Killer

Kira during his battle with Shinobu.

After seeing Yoshio fall in his battle against Fire Blader Zyro Kurogane, Kira Hayama ambushes a BeyPark Cyclone Stadium by launching his Berserker Behemoth SR200BWD and smashes Bandid Goreim DF145BS, punishing him for losing. Looking for a battle at hand, Kira accepts a challenge from the Invincible Salamander, Shinobu Hiryūin and they launch their Beys into battle angrily with Behemoth fighting Ninja Salamander SW145SD.[1]

Kira using the special move "Iron Brave."

Salamander delivers multiple attacks and barrages at the Warrior Wheel and Spin Track of Kira's bey to no avail. Shinobu continues with his Special Move, Phantom Fire Shot to create multiple copies of Salamander to challenge Kira's wit. Kira, however, was not easily fooled, and activated his eyepatch's "Bey-scanner" to find the real Ninja Salamander to attack it. Surprising Shinobu, Kira then unleashes his Behemoth's bit-beast and it frightens Shinobu just in time for Salamander to be knocked out by its special move, Iron Brave, giving Kira the win.[2]

Kira hacking the WBBA.

He then challenges Zyro Kurogane to a battle, and decides to hack into the WBBA networking channel to speak to a startled Tsubasa Otori and Madoka Amano. After introducing himself, he demands them to prepare a nearby arena so his upcoming Synchrome battle with Zyro could take place. After warning that if they refused to do such thing with the consequences deemed dire, the two of them agreed to complete it despite their suspicions and concerns. Kira then arrives with Yoshio to a canyon outside of Metal Bey City where Zero and his company were waiting. A large rectangular and terrain-esque Beystadium rose from the ground just to have the others marvel at the sudden change. Kira explains this is the Beystadium that the WBBA had made according to his orders for the battle.[3]

Kira in the climax of his Synchrome battle.

He and Zyro enter the Beystadium where they agreed to hold a Synchrome battle as Yoshio and Shinobu exchange their respective Warrior Wheels with their allies. After assembling their new Synchrome combos, they start the battle and launch their Beyblades while the others watch anxiously. Kira attacks using Golem Behemoth SR200BWD while Zyro fights alongside Salamander Ifrit W145CF. In a stone stadium, Zero could not rely on Ifrit's CF Performance Tip, which cost him the battle as Kira showed no remorse when his Golem Behemoth continued attacking Salamander Ifrit harshly. Despite Zero's using the new special move, Diving Crash, Kira used his Special Move, Gaia Hammer, which sent Ifrit flying out of the stadium, causing Zyro to collapse and giving Kira the win.[4]

Neo Battle Bladers

Kira sadistically enjoys finishing off Eight.

He then advises Zyro and the gang to retreat to the WBBA after revealing himself as a representative of the DNA organization.[5] Assuming that they gathered all the insight about DNA and the Evil Gene, Kira awaited the national announcement of Neo Battle Bladers hosted by DNA while being presented by the WBBA. Alongside Yoshio, Kira enters the tournament, and battles Eight while Yoshio fights Akuya Onizaki and Kite battles his gang.[6] After winning many battles, Kira had accumulated enough wins to earn a spot as one of the Best Eight Bladers of the finals. With the remaining Best Eight consisting of himself, Yoshio, Zero, Shinobu, Kite, Sakyo Kurayami, Takanosuke Shishiya and Captain Arrow, Blader Guy announced that Kira would face off with Kite as the second battle of the Best Eight.[7]

Kira using "Gaia Hammer" to ultimately defeat Kite.

After Yoshio's loss at the hands of Shinobu and his newly found Special Move, Blazing Ring Shot, it was time to commence the battle between Kira and Kite. While Kite was given Eight's Orochi Warrior Wheel to help him win, Kira gains Golem's Warrior Wheel from Yoshio. Launching their Synchrome Beyblades into battle, Kira's Golem Behemoth clashes with Eight's Orochi Leviathan. Despite Kite's determination, Kira's Special Move causes a great explosion that ricochets Orochi Leviathan and throws it into the wall, costing Kite his victory and allowing Kira to go on to the semi-finals.

The Ultimate Emperor of Destruction: Bahamoote

Gladiator Bahamoote destroying the stadium.

In the DNA headquarters, Kira battles the other DNA Bladers. One by one, he first defeats Yoshio, then Genjūro, then Spike, and finally Captain Arrow effortlessly. He then looks at Behemoth, and says that though its the best Stamina Type ever created, he still wants something more powerful to battle with, not wanting to rely solely on stamina. He then discards his Bey and Yoshio walks over to him. He asks if he is sure that he wants to get rid of Behemoth which Kira affirms, and he walks away.

After Zyro defeats Sakyo, Kira and Shinobu's battle begins. Before the battle starts, Kira unveils his newest Beyblade: Gladiator Bahamoote SP230GF. Shinobu is not shocked by this, but wants to defeat him even more as they launch their Beys and begin the battle. Salamander attacks right away, but Shinobu summons more strength and activates his Special Move, Blazing Ring Shot. Surprisingly, Bahamoote is left undamaged. Kira then unleashes a powerful aura of darkness and uses his newest Special Move, Gladiator Demolition, which not only crushes Salamander, but completely destroys the entire Beystadium, leaving Shinobu badly injured.

After the battle, the Garcias confront Kira, wanting to know why he is not using Behemoth like they had planned. Kira explains that he threw it away as it still was not strong enough. The Garcias are surprised to see that Yoshio and Merci side with Kira. Then Spike, Genjūro, and Captain Arrow jump out and launch their Beys. Kira, unafraid, launches and defeats them all at once, proving the power of Bahamoote once again. Then Kira and Yoshio locks the Garcias in one of the rooms of Evil Gene headquarters.

Kira goes on to the final battle against Zyro, confident that he will win. They launch and the battle begins. Zyro stands strong and uses his signature move Burning Upper Cut. Bahamoote survives this easily and Kira is impressed with Zyro's tactics. He then decides become more serious, using the destructive Gladiator Demolition, but Ifrit still spins in the stadium. Kira is shocked, and continues to battle more fiercely. He uses Gladiator Demolition again, and launches Ifrit high into the air, but Zyro confidently watches Ifrit come diving down. He uses his strong bonds of friendship to create a new special move: Burning Tornado Fire. Kira commands Bahamoote to defend against it, and the collision causes a huge cloud of dust. When it clears, Ifrit wobbly spins but Bahamoote has stopped spinning. Zyro then becomes the winner of the tournament, and the Number One Blader in Japan. He asks for Kira's friendship, but Kira does not accept and walks away, crushed by defeat.

Against Zeros Gang

After the tournament, Baihu Xiao captures Gingka Hagane and used his bey Samurai Pegasus W105R2F's warrior wheel to create Pegasus Bahamoote, giving Kira a second Synchrome Beyblade. With it, he and his DNA squad began invade the WBBA challenge matches, and defeats Zyro's Salamder Ifrit. and explains his plans to the fire trio, before Doji arrives to finally reveal himself as the true mastermind behind DNA. It was revealed that Doji survived his last battle with Nemesis and digitized his memories within Merci.

With this big a threat Zero and his team went to DNA castle to beat them once and for all. Once zero and Shinobu reach the final floor they find Kira and Doji waiting for them Shinbu gives Zero his worrier wheel and they have a final battle it looks hard on Zeros part with Doji even attacking zero with Kira getting rid of Doji's bey. But after much effort Zero wins.

While the result is shocking for all, Kira collapses in his defeat unable to realize how he actually lost---and for the first time. His pondering comes short when what remains of the Cyclone Stadium turns sideways. Due to gravity, Kira falls back but grabs onto a ledge for protection. The solid Stadium remains then falls over Kira, discarding his pull with Kira falling off. Shinobu and Maru are worried, but Zyro is fast enough to grab Kira and save his life.

Zyro gives Kira a short talk on friendship and how Kira does not deserve to die because he can become a better person without being a DNA affiliate. Though Kira accepts his words, the arena bowl draws nearer to eventually collapsing and possibly killing both Bladers. Out of nowhere, Yoshio Iwayama dashes and leaps over to the Stadium under destruction. Finding Zyro who has Kira in his grip, he literally picks up Zyro and throws him over the ledge to safe, solid ground. Yoshio makes an effort to save his own life too and jumps off - grabbing the ledge with a sigh of relief to everyone.

When Robo Doji attacks Gingka and Zero with his Mecha Kira asks Yoshio for Behemoth Golem DF145BS. When Ginka and Zero are almost beaten Kira launches out Behemoth Golem at the Dojo mecha Beyblade. Kira decides to leave DNA and side with Zyro and Co. who is dissatisfied with what Doji has done to DNA and ends his affiliation with it. The three Bladers let out their true potential in the real final battle. Zyro activates "Super Burning Upper" while Gingka uses 'Galaxy Nova' and Kira creates "Rising Gaia Hammer". The three Special Moves combine to create one of the most powerful moves in Beyblade history. The moves swirl together and land on Doji's mecha Beyblade, causing it to cease spin, completely. The Bladers retract their Beyblades while Doji's mecha Beyblade starts to malfunction and returns to its spider-like, mobile mode.

Doji announces to them that despite their efforts in causing his mecha to malfunction, he will not let them live beyond this day. Instead, he will commit suicide with his mecha to fall off the hole the Cyclone Stadium did. Once this occurs, the explosion will be so powerful that it shall destroy the Dark Fortress and anyone inside it. As this shocks Zyro, Kira, Yoshio and Shinobu, Doji and commits suicide by commanding his mecha to fall off into the hole. Subsequently, an explosion draws up from it and the Dark Fortress is about to be destroyed. Zyro and Co. make a move to escape, finding Ren Kite and Eight who ask why Kira and Yoshio are with them They later find Genjūro Kamegaki, Spike Bourne, Captain Arrow and Xiao at a dead-end who also need to escape. Just then, the Dragon and Griffin hybrid of Griffin Dragoon LW160BSF creates a space in the former dead-end by Sakyo Kurayami and Takanosuke Shishiya. The gang are grateful for this and they all successfully escape the Dark Fortress.

Kira and the other DNA bladers then become friends with Zeros gang and take part in the WBBA Team members tournament. the final scene shows Kira and Zero battling as new friends.



BBAnime.PNG BerserkerBegiradosIsBeast.PNG BerserkerBegiradosBeast4.PNG BerserkerBegiradosBeast5.PNG

Sychrome Beyblade(s)

Special Moves

Berserker/Golem Behemoth

  • Iron Brave (アイアンブレイブ, Aian Bureibu): Berserker Behemoth's main Special Move first used in The Cruel Begirados. A dark, violet aura surrounds Kira as he commands Berserker Behemoth to smack the opposing Bey in a massive hit that causes it to fly into the air, creating extreme-winds afterwards.
  • Gaia Hammer (ガイアハンマー, Gaia Hanmā): Golem Behemoth's main Special Move, which is a Synchrome special move, was first used in Fierce Fight! The Synchrom Battle. Enormous winds surround Golem Behemoth as its Beast appears, armed with a barbed flail that throws the opposing Beyblade out of the Beystadium.
  • Rising Gaia Hammer: Synchrome Special Move, the upgraded version of Gaia Hammer. Used by Behemoth Golem DF145BS.

Gladiator/Pegasus Bahamoote

  • Gladiator Demolition: Bahamoote's first Special Move, first used in The Gladiator of Destruction: Bahamdia. Using this move, Bahamoote is able to unleash its destructive power in one shockwave which destroys everything in its path using strong winds and dark energy.
  • Final Ultimate Demolition: An upgraded version of Gladiator Demolition used by Pegasus Bahamoote.


Kira, ready to launch.

Kira wields a dark blue, almost violet Zero-G Launcher, and uses the String Launcher to make his shots more powerful.


Beyblade: Shogun Steel
Opponent Episode Result
DNA Bladers Offscreen Win
Shinobu Hiryūin ZG024 Win
Zyro Kurogane (Synchrom Opponent) ZG026 Win
Tournament Bladers ZG028 Win
Eight Unabara ZG029-ZG030 Win
Kite Unabara (Synchrom Opponent) ZG031 Win
Yoshio Iwayama ZG033 Win
Genjūro Kamegaki ZG033 Win
Spike Bourne ZG033 Win
Captain Arrow ZG033 Win
Shinobu Hiryūin ZG035 Win
Genjūro Kamegaki, Spike Bourne and Captain Arrow ZG036 Win
Zyro Kurogane ZG037/ZG038 Loss
Zyro Kurogane (Synchrom Opponent) ZG040 Win
Robo Doji (tag with Zero) ZG044 Win
Zyro Kurogane (Synchrom Opponent) ZG044/ZG045 Loss
Robo Doji (tag w/ Zyro and Gingka) ZG045 Win
Zero Kurogane ZG045 Not shown




  • According to Takafumi Adachi, the origin for Kira Hayama's namesake and appearance originated from Peggy Hayama (ペギー葉山) and HBK. Peggy Hayama was a popular Japanese enka singer who influenced his name while HBK (Heartbreak Kid) was the nickname for Shawn Michaels, a retired American professional wrestler whose wrestling attire inspired Kira's attire.[8]
  • All his loses were to Zero.
  • Kira is the only blader to own two Beyblades in the Zero-G manga and anime being: Berserker Begirados SR200BWD and Gladiator Bahamoote SP230GF.
  • Kira and Gingka Hagane are the only Zero-G Bladers to use the String Launcher.
  • Kira can be seen as the Zero-G counterpart of Rago, as they also has owned a dark powered Beyblade and was the main antagonist of their series. But unlike him, Rago wanted to destroy the world and was pure evil from the very start.
  • Kira has a personality similar to Damian Hart. Both enjoy toying with their opponent believing them to be weak.
    • He's also similar to Ryuga (in the first season) through the fact that both of them took over the evil organization they were working for.
  • Since his debut appearance in The Cruel Begirados, Kira has not lost a single battle due to either having his abilities enhanced by DNA or he is extremely and physically trained by the Garcias. He did however lose to Zero twice in the show though, while he beat Zero twice as well.
  • Kira is the only Blader to have 2 Synchrome Partners being Gingka (unintentionally) and Yoshio.


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