Kit Lopez, also known as Kitt Lopez (キット・ロペス, Kitto Ropesu) in Japan, is a character appearing in the anime series, Beyblade Burst Evolution. He is a junior member of BC Sol, the son of Ange Lopez, and best friends with Honey Guten. His Beyblade is unknown.


Kit is a young boy with bright orange hair, dark brown eyebrows, and green eyes. He wears a light blue flat cap, which matches his light green sweater with blue stripes on the sleeves. Under his sweater, he wears a yellow t-shirt with an orange spot in the center with a white upside down triangle symbol.


Kit Lopez is energetic and eager to watch others battle. He is very interested in the power of different Beyblades, and sometimes uses a Bey Analyzer to watch the ways a Bey performs. He is also cheerful, and makes friends easily, being friendly with Valt Aoi only a day after they had met. He never fails to cheer his friends Valt and Rantaro Kiyama on in every battle.

However, Kit also gets sidetracked often; instead of taking Valt to BC Sol immediately, he spends a day talking about Spain - which is something that Kristina Kuroda, the manager of the team, tells him off for.

Kit also has a mischievous streak, as it is hinted that he likes to mess with people he sees as inexperienced. This is especially shown when he slyly steals Valt's Valtryek V2 Boost Variable, after Valt had first come to Spain as a Blader scouted by BC Sol.



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  • He acts as Toko and Nika for Evolution, and also shares some traits with them.