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Koma Village (古馬村, koma mura), a small village located near the Bey Forest. This village is where Ginga Hagane and Hyoma were born and raised for most of their childhoods.


Koma Village is where a meteor landed, creating Storm Pegasus 105RF and the Green Hades. It also known as the Bey Village. It is a sacred place. It is also where Mount Hagane is, a place where Lightning L-Drago 100HF was once kept.


Notable Residents[]


  • Koma (こま) is also the Japanese word for "spinning top".
  • Koma Village is based on the real life city Komagane which is located in the Ina Valley in Nagano, Japan.
  • After Dark Nebula attacked Koma Village, nobody besides Hyoma and Hokuto lives there anymore.