Kotaro is a minor character in Beyblade: G-Revolution.

Physical Appearance

Kotaro has brown hair, wears glasses, blue overalls, yellow long sleeve t-shirt, magenta gloves and brown boots. He also squints a lot.


His beyblade has a Chameleon Fake attack which allows his blade to change the exact color as the opponent's blade, but only if he has seen the opponent's blade beforehand.


Beyblade: G-Revolution

In the tournament, he spied on Tyson, Kenny and Daichi by pretending to be a fan. Whilst distracting the group by asking for autographs, he took his chance to inspect their blades; he made a note of their colors, ready for his matches. 

He battled against Kenny and won. In his next match against Tyson, he lost and his blade was destroyed by Dragoon's Galaxy Storm attack.