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I want my team to keep their eyes on the prize.
— Kristina

Kristina Kuroda (クリスティーナ クロダ, Kurisutīna Kuroda) is a recurring character in the anime/manga series, Beyblade Burst Evolution. She is the manager of BC Sol.


Kristina is a young teen with light blue eyes and long, dark pink hair that reaches her back.

In Evolution, She wears a thin black headband with a Beyblade symbol, and typical referee attire that is light pink with black stripes and a red bow and a skirt with four buttons and two white stripes. She also wore black tights and a pair of red shoes.

In Turbo, she wears a half-pink/half-black dress and wears several blue-and-white bows around her attire. She also wears white arm warmers, white tights and a pair of pink flat shoes.


Kristina highly values being on time and on task, as she gets irritable with Kit Lopez when he sidetracks before leading Valt Aoi to El Astro - but shows noticeable pride in all of her students, no matter how experienced they are.

Generally, she follows the rules closely to do the best for her team, but is willing to bend them occasionally to help them reach their potential, like when she also invites Rantaro Kiyama into BC Sol even when he loses to Valt. She greatly respects those who work with her, such as Trad Vasquez - but is very competitive towards other teams, especially Theodore Glass and the American team, the Raging Bulls.

Kristina has been shown to be somewhat of a perfectionist, as when she doubts that her changes to BC Sol are helping the team, she admits to Ange Lopez that in her mind, failure is unacceptable and that there is no room for her to make mistakes in her decisions.


Beyblade Burst Evolution

Beyblade Burst Turbo


Beyblade Burst Evolution
Opponent Episode Result
Free De La Hoya 20 Lose (Flashback)


Trad Vasquez

Valt Aoi

After recruiting Valt to join BC Sol, Kris has always had high hopes for Valt. To this day they remain great friends.

Free De La Hoya

Kristina has known Free for a long time. They have been friends since childhood, and their relationship like that of a big sister/little brother. Their friendship is further explored in the 3rd act of the second season, when Kris became concerned that Free was pushing himself too hard while training for his matches in the International Blader's Cup. When Free injured his arm during his match with Valt, Kris convinced him to forfeit, stating that the safety and well-being of her teammates is her top priority.

Ange Lopez

Raul Comas

Theodore Glass


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