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Kumasuke Kumade (熊手熊介, Kumade Kumasuke) is a character in the Metal Saga, debuting in Beyblade: Metal Fusion as an antagonist.

He is the eldest and strongest of the Kumade Brothers who formerly worked for the Dark Nebula. His brothers are Kumata and Kumaji who all work together with their Rock Orso D125B.


Kumasake has a large, stocky build, bushy eyebrows over yellow eyes and a round nose. On his head he wears a pale brown fleece coonskin cap, under which he has short brown hair with sideburns extending down his face. He has a short gamboge jacket, that is open from the base to the middle. It has torn sleeves, a pocket on the right side and the Dark Nebula logo on the left. Underneath his jacket is a black short sleeve t-shirt with belt loops on it. Around his waist is a brown belt with a circular silver buckle that has a second smaller circle. This belt has extra leather on either side, with three silver circles of increasing size followed by a rectangle on either side. It is to this that his launcher and Bey holster are attached. He has simple olive gray pants that go into his earth brown, fur cuffed boots. He also has a brown leather cuff on both of his wrists. Overall, his appearance is remarkably similar to his brothers but with him being the tallest.


He along with his brothers generally look quite 'lumberman-like', and they are obviously very stubborn. As brothers, also, they do get angry at each other for simple things like losing. Both the younger brothers look up to Kumasuke.

Beyblade: Metal Fusion

He first appears beating Bladers in a challenge match but loses to Tsubasa. He then battles him again with his brothers but get beaten easly. All three of them start to argue.


Kumasuke has the original Orso beyblade with the colored mud brown Orso Energy Ring and the Camo Green D125 Spin Track and Camo Green B tip.

Special Moves


Beyblade: Metal Fusion
Opponent Episode Result
Tusbassa Otori, unknown bladers MF026 Win (against unknown bladers,) Lose (to Tubassa)
Tusbassa Otori (tag with Kumata and Kumaji ) MF026 Lose
Tsubasa Otori (tag with Dark Nebula Bladers, Dan, Rekei, Tetsuya, Kumata and Kumaji) MF035 Lose
Kyoya Tategami MF041 Lose
Ryuga (tag with Kumata and Kumaji) MF042 Lose



  • Their names are basically full of 'kuma', which is Japanese for 'bear'.
  • Kumasuke bears a striking resemblance to Benkei.
  • In the English dub, Kumasuke has a Russian accent, where the bear is a national personification.
  • He was the first character in the anime that is seen using an Orso Beyblade.
  • He is listed as one of Japan's top 20 Bladers.
  • His character and beyblade are references to the constellation Ursa Major.