Kyo Sandai is a recurring character in Beyblade Burst. He is the newest member of Rideout. His Beyblade is Unicrest U2 Upper Xtreme.


Kyo is a young boy with a short stature, black spiky hair resembling Daigo's, with his choice of clothing being an orange v-neck t-shirt with white sleeve cuffs, beige cargo pants, and sneakers. When training, he wears the standard team Rideout workout clothing.


Kyo appears to be an aspiring Blader, and aims to improve to be as strong as others. This is shown when he admires both Lui Shirosagi and Gabe Brunai for their skills. However, these traits can lead to overestimation, and his ego can sometimes lead to losing battles. Kyo is sometimes unable to control his anger, and has confronted Lui several times in outrage, needing to be held back and reprimanded by Gabe. When he is moved by something, he always fakes it.


Lui Shirosagi

He thinks highly of Lui and respects him. Kyo thinks highly of Lui due to his power, and strives to become just like him. They are also on team Rideout together.

Gabe Brunai

Gabe is the leader of Rideout and Kyo also respects him. He is inspired by Gabe and his Blading skills, just like he is with Lui.




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