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Kyoji Aranami is a blader in the anime series Beyblade Burst. He fought with Shu Kurenai. His beyblade is Kerbeus K2 Gravity Revolve.


Kyoji is a boy with spiky orange-blonde hair that is held up with a blue bandana-like accessory. The front portion of his hair sticks downwards as well. He also wears a jacket with a black hoodie, red torso, and white sleeves.


Kyoji has a big ego and a big mouth as a blader, but he can be more characterized as more pathetic than contemptible. He seems to want to focus more on insulting his opponents to anger them in order for him to win. In reality, this usually backfires on him and only wants to get his enemies angry out of desperation. He seems to get easily irritated whenever things don't go his way and is often mad whenever someone doesn't react to his insults, which causes Kyoji come up with more insults, though they're usually poorly thought out and unfortunately makes him annoying, obnoxious, and more of a bigger fool than he already is. However, Kyoji's ego and arrogance turned against him whenever he focuses more on insults instead of his blading abilities, which in turn, makes his ego very fragile, since he finds himself in vain whenever he loses due to his anger getting the best of him.

It is also implied that he is very insecure of himself, since he mentioned that he only has fans online and looks down on other smaller or weaker than him.


Kyoji started his appearance after meeting Shu during Valt Aoi's match with Hoji Konda. He predicted that Hoji would win, but was mistaken. After the match, he begun his match with Shu. Shu easily took the first point. Angered, Kyoji started to try to get Shu off his guard by telling him about his fans online, mocking Valt, and overall being obnoxious. However, Shu didn't take any of this, and won a Burst Finish against Kyoji.


Beyblade Burst (anime)
Opponent Episode Result
Shu Kurenai 09 Loss (0-3)