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I will never be crushed! Not now or ever!

—Kyoya Tategami

Kyoya Tategami (盾神 キョウヤ/盾神京矢, Tategami Kyouya) is one of the main characters of the Metal Saga, first appearing in the anime series, Beyblade: Metal Fusion. He is one of Gingka Hagane's greatest rivals and was the former leader of the Face Hunters. However, after losing twice to Gingka, he decided to disband the group and eventually joined Gingka and his friends on several occasions.

He was also the leader of the African representational team, Team Wild Fang, along with Nile, Demoure, and Benkei Hanawa during the Big Bang Bladers World Championships.

In Metal Fury, he's on a quest with Gingka and the Legendary Bladers, in order to stop the ultimate evil Nemesis from controlling the world. Kyoya is a Blader of the Four Seasons, representing Spring.

He is a fiercely powerful Blader with his Fang Leone 130W2D. This Bey is the evolution of his Rock Leone 145WB.


Kyoya is a tall, teenage boy with tanned skin and a muscular figure. He has spiky dark green hair with a shoulder-length ponytail at the back of his head. He has sharp blue eyes with irises notably smaller than that of other characters. He also seems to have fangs, which combined with his spiky hair, tan skin, and sharp eyes, make him resemble a lion. He has symmetrical scars on his cheeks in the shape of X's, extending from just under his eyes to the level of his mouth.

Kyoya Metal Fury

Kyoya in Metal Fury

In Metal Fusion and Metal Masters, Kyoya wears an army-green coat with ripped-off sleeves over a tattered black shirt that exposes his abdomen. He also wears a brown belt with a large silver buckle, brown fingerless gloves, brown boots, and beige cargo pants. He also wear a round pendant around his neck.

In Metal Fury, he wears a sleeveless black jacket over a cropped green tank. He retains his brown belt, brown fingerless gloves, and brown boots from the earlier seasons, but has light grey pants that he tucks into his boots. He also has a new necklace with a gray fang pendant.


At the beginning he was very cocky, arrogant and was seen as an antagonist in the first few episodes. He always focused on the battle and didn't hesitate when attacking his opponents. He didn't back down from challenges and had a strong concept of honor as a Blader. He gave his best during a battle and expected other Bladers to do the same.

While under Doji's alliance, he became cold-hearted, emotionless, and ruthless to even the point of almost destroying Dark Bull and Flame Sagittario. He was shown to be extremely maniacal as he was shown in Episode 9 and only wanted destruction. He was even willing to beat every blader to be the strongest. His main goal was to have Gingka suffer. However, he came back to normal after losing to Gingka a second time.

After quitting alliances with Doji, he is on the good side. He becomes more mature and wiser. He is best friends with Benkei, but he got fed up with him trying to get close to him. In the manga, he is much more friendlier and talks a lot more than he does in the anime. However even before joining Gingka's gang he had a kinder side as shown when he completed Benkei for fighting hard when they first met. Now he is known to be one of the more serious characters in the show compared to the energetic Gingka Hagane. Kyoya is one of the strongest beybladers in Beyblade Metal Fight also a secondary protagonist in the story as Ginga's rival. He is # 3 blader in the anime. He is very skeptical, as revealed when he seemed shocked and confused by Hokuto speaking (which was also Benkei and Kenta's recation). He also believes strongly in keeping his word, as was revealed when he kept his promise to Doji (though this was because he lost twice in a row to both Gingka and Doji and knew that he had to train to get stronger and beat Gingka).

As it has been known throughout the whole series, he wanted to defeat Gingka. Though he has never been seen accomplishing this (at least on-screen), he does manage to work hard enough to come close to his goal.

He appears to be very confident and competitive thoughout the whole Metal Saga.

Kyoya's arrogance at the beginning of the series was unrivaled. He doesn't care about his teammates even though he respects his bey he does not care for it. But this changes later in the series. During the survival battle, Rock Leone's performance tip cracks as a result of using a special move against Hyoma which he comes to know. During his battle against Yu Tendo in Episode 22, he withdraws his bey from the battle because he cared for his bey, which shows a change in his personality. He also tells Ryuga to fight with just his own power.

Despite no longer being a bully, he can still act uncaring. He only joined the selection matches to show off his power and not join Gan Gan Galaxy. When Yuki was getting beaten by Johannes, Kyoya saw and didn't bother to help Yuki saying he should take care of it on his own. He even showed no care for Madoka when her bag got stuck telling her to "stop wasting time" He also wanted to beat the Legendary Bladers and Gingka to prove how strong he is not really caring Nemesis could take over the world. He was even willing to leave the group after Aguma insulted him by calling Kyoya Gignka's dog. Benkei got the saddest when his friend left. After meeting Tithi, he begins to show signs of understanding his destiny, though he does not like people praising him as shown when he did not want the WBBA to film him.



Kyoya Tategami is a fierce Blader with a feline like appearance and a wild attitude. One day he gets approached by Benkei Hanawa and two other bladers challenging him to battle. Kyoya tells Benkei he has no intent to battle weak bladers and leaves. The other two bladers believe that Kyoya is just saying that because he himself is weak causing the Lion blader to smirk. Benkei and Kyoya battle with Kyoya coming out the victor. Benkei gets back up and challenges Kyoya again. Kyoya beats Beneki in many other battles causing the big blader to fall down. While Benkei's friends ask if he is ok, Benkei laughs and declares Kyoya to be his hero. He says he will now follow Kyoya anywhere causing the later to except it and with that, Kyoya began the Face Hunters. They were known to be quite a danger in Metal Bey City as many kids lost there beypoints to them. Kyoya was known by many to be a beast blader with his Leone beating many bladers.

Beyblade: Metal Fusion

Kyoya is first seen as the leader of the Face Hunters, a group of people in Kenta's town that usually bully other bladers and steal their points. In the first episode after Benkei Hanawa, one of his subordinates tells him about the new and powerful blader Gingka Hagane, he immediately grew interested in him and wanted to test his power. He then ordered his gang to capture Gingka and bring him to their headquaters. Soon afterward Ginga was given the challenge, went to the warehouse and was suddenly surrounded by a hundred bladers with their beys ready to fight. Kyoya was sitting on a beam watching the battle with a smirk as he waited for him to show his strength. Gingka manages to defeat the army of Beys with ease, making Kyoya realize the true power of Storm Pegasus 105RF Pegasus and Gingka, and he decides to challenge him as he is the strongest opponent he has met in a while. Thus the rivallery between Gingka and Kyoya begone.

The next day, He trains and beats all the face Hunters to get ready for his battle with Gingka and then, Kyoya orders his gang to ambush little Kenta Yumiya and snatch Flame Sagittario C145S away, forcing Gingka and a new friend Madoka Amano to head to Metal Tower, accepting their request. Gingka and Kyoya meet up, while the Face Hunters continue to torture Kenta by attempting to throw his Sagittario off the large tower. However, in the sidelines, Madoka warns Gingka that not only is his Bey not fully repaired from the battle against the Face Hunters gang, but Kyoya's Bey also has the advantage because of the strong winds at the top of the tower!

The two Bladers fight in an intense clash, with Gingka's Pegasus attacking the wild lion; Kyoya shows his true strength, and is dominating the Beybattle. Kyoya is gaining the upper-hand and uses his Special Move - Lion Gale Force Wall, causing Pegasus to receive critical damage. Gingka finally finds Kyoya's weakness and attacks the eye of the storm with his own Special Move, giving Gingka the win! Kyoya starts to learn that Gingka planned for Pagasus to be launched out in order to use Starblast Attack. This causes Benkei to return Sagittario much to Kenta's happiness.

Kyoya is frustrated by his loss but starts to realize that he must become stronger in order to crush his rival the next time they fight!

Sometime after his loss to Gingka, Kyoya Tategami is visited by a mysterious man named Doji, who appears to know of Kyoya's desire to crush Gingka in their next match. When the Face Hunters demand to know who Doji is, he tells Kyoya he can help him become a strong bey blader much to Kyoya's surprise. He takes Kyoya and the face hunters to a foggy mountain area and began making small negotiations with him saying that traning with the Dark Nebula will be a good deal for Kyoya. Kyoya asks how Doji even knows Gingka only for him to tell Kyoya that if he joins him then he shall know why. but he refuses to work for Doji and begins to leave only for Doji to mock him for trying to run away much to Kyoya's anger. He tells Kyoya that if he trains with the Dark Nebula he can become even stronger than Gingka and remarks that as he is now Kyoya will be killed. Kyoya then believes that Doji might spin a powerful beyblade causing Doji to agree. Kyoya challenges Doji to a Beybattle saying that if he loses he will do as Doji orders, but his Face Hunters gang steps in to test Doji's strength in a battle first.

Benkei and the other Face Hunters challenge Doji, but when he takes out his Dark Wolf DF145 FS Bey, Benkei remarks that it's "rare". Even with Doji outnumbered by a few opponents, his vicious Wolf easily takes Benkei and the others down.

Kyoya is next to battle Doji and his powerful Dark Wolf; and uses Lion 100 Fang Fury to get some good hits on Wolf. However Kyoya's Lion Gale Force Wall proves to be ineffective against Wolf with Doji commenting that his move is like a lion trapped in a cage. Rock Leone then begins to use its Special Move to eliminate Wolf with sheer force, but Doji appears to know Kyoya's weakness!

Wolf breaks through Lion Gale Force Wall and nails a critical hit on Leone, but not only that, Doji is revealed to have a special move - Darkness howling Blazer! Wolf unleashes its fangs and defeats the wild lion in battle, meaning that Kyoya must now train with the Dark Nebula.

Benkei and the other Face Hunters are shocked that their leader was defeated by yet another opponent. Kyoya then asks Doji why he just does fight Gingka himself despite having lots of power. Doji however does not awenser and forces Kyoya to keep his promise. Kyoya keeps his end of the bargain and leaves with Doji, leaving Benkei and the others without their great leader. This was the last time Benkei and the others saw him until Episode 9 when Benkei was injured in a battle because Kyoya couldn't control himself as he did before. He even disbanded the Face Hunters after learning that they are useless. After Kyoyas fight with Doji he becomes obsessed with beating Gingka even more than before as Doji puts him to his limit in intense physical and mental training such as beating Training beys and a hologram Gingka while Doji watches impressed with his progress. Doji later tells Kyoya on a airplane ride that while he completed the training program with amazing results, he still was not strong enough to beat Gingka. Doji then tells Kyoya that in order to get strong he needs to find the fangs of the heart. After which he returns to seek revenge obsessed with the destruction of his opponents. When the Face Hunters saw him they welcomed him warmly although Kyoya does not care. He then meets and battles Tetsuya Watarigani to see who would lead the gang. Kyoya wins due to his new strength. Later he tortures Benkei and Kenta in a battle leaving his best friend badly shaken.

How he got his boost of strength was shown in the previous episode when he was put to the test while his life was on the line. Kyoya was dropped off at Wolf Canyon and was given the task to climb all the way to the top. Considering the height of the rocky cliffs plus the dangerous weather in the area, surviving it would most definitely make you stronger. In the midst of being cornered from a pack of hungry wolves, he was able to unlock the beast inside of him and fend them off. This was when Kyoya started to act violently, merciless and had completely forgotten who his allies were. He said friends mean nothing after he beat Benkei and Kenta.

Kyoya is then seeing roaring near a stadium at the power he now has. Kyoya challenged Gingka Hagane to battle him in the stadium, and as the beys bring out their best it appears as though a twisted Kyoya will have the revenge he craves. Gingka says he cannot lose to this new twisted Kyoya; But Gingka and co. fall for a trap as they believe Kyoya has unleashed his special move Lion Gale Force Wall but then is revealed to be a new special move Wild Wind Fang Dance and is repelled into the air thus defeating the Starblast attack.

Kyoya's Special Move's tornado is seen from all over the city surprising everyone. Doji is pleased at the fact that Kyoya is defeating Gingka due to his training. Many Bladers appear on the seen and cheer on for him to defeat Kyoya. The clashes were fierce and at some point it looked like Ginga was about to lose, but the constant cheers of the kids around him was able to increase Ginga's spirit and overpower Kyoya. but in no time Kyoya unveils a new special summon King Lion Tearing Blast. Also, when Kyoya was about to win, Leone didn't want his partner to be full of hatred and started crying, leading Ginga to point out Kyoya's bey's emotion towards his actions. Gingka wins by using a new move called Meter shower attack. Gingka states that battles aren't won by destruction, it's by spirit; and soon enough Gingka defeats Kyoya. In the end, Kyoya remembers how much he and his bey has been through together and what beyblading really meant. He promised not to hurt Leone at all. However, the nice atmosphere was quickly cut short when Daidoji steps in from his private black helicopter and congratulates the two bladers in their spectacular battle. Gingka remembers Doji and has hate towards him. The episode cuts off and continues on the next where Daidoji says that Kyoya did not receive much training, and 'thanks' him by attacking him with his bey while Kyoya's Leone was crying; injuring Kyoya badly and cracked some parts of Leone. Benkei quickly rushed to him in worry while Ginga got angrier because of what the executive of Dark Nebula (Doji) did. After distracting the group with a large metal disc rolling and stopped on the ground without any casualties, both Doji and Ginga disappeared into the night.

The next day Kyoya woke up in the B-Pit and found his body covered in bandages. When Benkei walked in and exclaimed how relieved he was to see that he was alright, he remembered about the battle he had yesterday and what Daidoji did. Madoka Amano soon entered the room carrying a tray and also showing Kyoya his bey Leone fully repaired and polished. Kyoya asked why she was going to great lengths just to help out the enemy. Madoka replied by saying that they couldn't just ignore him, and Benkei had been begging to help him out. Later on, the two were surprised that Kyoya disappeared and Ginga has come back, telling them that he had lost Daidoji's trail. Kyoya then appeared and told them where it was then tells them that he payed them what he owned and vanished much to Benkei's sadness.

They go to the Dark Nebula Castle and Gingka Hagane, Benkei, Kenta and Madoka are immediately stopped by their first obstacle, a large entrance gate. The three bladers couldn't get pass through the numerous beys that were being shot at them. But with Kyoya's help, they were able to get past them and go inside the base. Once they get inside they learn that Gingka knows Merci who ran a fake game show called Challenge blader. But even with those odds they still succeed in passing by all of Doji's tasks and challenges including Dark Nebula Bladers, A fast moving treadmill and giant beyblade's. Kyoya and Gingka left Kenta and Benkei behind while they tried to get to the final floor. Getting separated little by little due to the various traps placed by Daidoji, and struggling with the combo attack from the Gemious twins. Kyoya stayed behind and told Ginga to find Doji while he dealt with Dan Sodo and Reiki Sodo. However, Kyoya realizes their beys have nothing special about them and decides to end the battle with his special move. Reiki and his brother are confident of their victory, thinking that Leone's special move can only work in the presence of wind. They are however shocked to see Kyoya use his special move by creating air currents from his performance tip and are thus defeated. Kyoya quickly retreated from the area caught up to his friends where they saw the powerful blader Ryuga for the first time. Kyoya and the others wondered what kind of power Ryuga had causing Doji to tell Kyoya, Benkei, Kenta and Madoka how bey's are known to have a hidden power within them much to their shock. Kyoya couldn't do anything but watch as Ginga went up against Ryuuga and lost the battle. Kyoya was surprised at how much Ginga's personality changed in that battle--letting his emotions get the better of him even noting how he was the one who helped get him though his darkness. Kyoya and the rest try to make Gingka feel better, but Ginkga's sadness becomes to much.

Kyoya and the others go back home and Gingka is really depressed from the loss. This even causes him to lose a battle to Osamu. Kyoya then appeared and says Gingka needs time on his own reminding Kenta Benkei and Madoka that losing to Ryuga made him lose his sprit. With that, Gingka leaves.

Kyoya and the others find out Gingka's hometown, Koma Village. They divided themselves into two groups after an argument. Kyoya and Benkei later see this guy who says his name is Hyoma. When Kyoya asks him if he is a blader, Hyoma says no. Benkei asks him if he has seen two of his friends, saying that one's short with green hair and the other is a girl with brown hair. Hyoma says no but when the trio encounter Madoka and Kenta, Madoka and Kenta said that they've seen Hyoma. Kyoya gets really suspicious about Hyoma. Hyoma says he will take them to Koma Village but repeats on fooling them to the same place. Kyoya puts rocks at a cliff and every single time they go back he puts another rock. Later, Kyoya finds out that Hyoma is tricking them and Hyoma has just leading them in circles.

After Kenta and Benki lose to Hyoma, they are allowed to enter Koma Village, where they meet a talking dog named Hokuto. Following Gingka up the mountain, he, Kenta, and Benkei combine their powers to open the door that was yet another obstacle in their way. They meet up with Gingka on his way down and head back to the main village. The next day, he and the gang eat shish-kebabs made by Hyoma before being shown the Bey Forest. Kyoya participates in Bey Crossing and shooting a Beyblade through a hole in a rock, and completes them on the grounds that if Gingka can do it, so can he. Kyoya concluded that Gingka was so strong because he trained non stop with Hyoma. He later observes Gingka's battle with Hyoma and shouted several warnings to Hyoma throughout the battle that Gingka was not showing his true powers, even though Gingka won.

When he gets back home meeting with the Face Hunters off screen he hears news about a tag team tornment. Before the Tag team tournament starts, Madoka suggests that he and Gingka should team up, and that they would win the tournament, but Kyoya declines on the grounds that a blader should not have to rely on friends to be powerful, and that they need to be able to stand on their own.

He later enters the survival battle, thinking he will win because his previous experiences in Wolf Canyon have taught him to survive. He defeats many unnamed bladers while constantly being watched by Hyoma. Whether he was aware of this until after his battle with Hikaru Hasama is unknown. He then battles Hyoma and defeats him after a hotly contested match. He then sees Yu and Libra's special attack(to defeat Hikaru, Kenta, and Benkei) in the distance and goes to investigate.

He, Gingka, and Yu Tendo then have a three way battle, but Leone was damaged in the previous battle with Hyoma, so Madoka had to stop Leone. Kyoya forfeited the battle and took third place. He later hears about battle bladers and gets determined to join and win. He parcipates in a battle royal with Ginka and the rest of the gang before parting ways.

Kyoya then takes part in a challenge match where he battles Taraba to win bey points. Tarabas clay Sagaitaro trys to run away, but Kyoya does not allow it and uses King Lion Tearing Blast to defeat Taraba and earn himself the win. Kyoya laughs saying that Battle Bladers is calling his name. When Gingka gets attacked by point hunters he mentions that it reminds him about when Kyoya and Benkei were in the Face hunters. While in a city Kyoya suspects someone talked about him but is not to sure.

During his jorney he arrives in a city and beats a gang of Bladers who tell him about Tobio Oike and Storm Capricorne M145Q. Kyoya however doesn't care as he thinks he isn't that big a threat. Tobio uses Capricorn to attack Kyoya where he accepts his challenge to battle.

They meet up at the glitsvile city Challenge match after beating random bladers they both face off. At first Tobio thinks he will win Easyly but is shocked when Kyoya knows Tobios secret causing Kyoya to win the challenge match.

Kyoya later appears in a city where a challenge match is being held where the winner gets 10000 beypoints. He runs into Gingka Hagane, Kenta Yumiya and Benkei Hanawa there telling them that someone relying on fortune is a third rate blader and tells Gingka that he will beat him in this tournament. They encounter a fortune teller named Ryutaro Fukami who claims he can see the future. Kyoya says its bogus and challenges him to a battle. A blader shoves Kyoya and tries to fight Ryutaro. Rytaryo beats him and causes the blader to run off much to Kyoya's surprise. Kyoya then joins Benkei Kenta, Hyoma and Hikaru as they watch Gingka battle Rytaro. Kyoya tells the others that there is no whitchcraft in this world and that Piecies must be using a wall like his Leone to fight. kenta and Benkei then seem to understand what Kyoya was saying Gingka later finds out this secret of Ryutaro's and wins using his full power attack.

Kyoya and the others go to fight their own battles as he battles Hikaru in a rematch while Benkei battles Tsubasa Otori, kenta battles Dan and Reiki and Yu faces an unknown Blader. Leone and Aquairo hit each other hard and the battle seems to be even. Aquario keeps using its illusion making it hard for Leone to attack. Hikaru suggests they finish it with the final strike causing Kyoya to agree. She uses Infinty assult which Kyoya counters by using King lion tearing blast. Much to Kyoya's shock the aquario's he sent flying were illusions causing the real Aquario to push Leone to the center of the Staduim. Kyoya says that her attack cant stop Leone and uses Lion gale force wall to send Aquario flying out of the stadium earning him the win. Hikaru cant belive she lost but Kyoya admits she gave him a challenge. This causes Benkei (who just lost to Tsubassa) to cheer his friend on saying he wanted to battle Kyoya as well. After Kenta beats Dan and Reiki's new bey Evil Gemios DF145FS Kyoya and Hikaru look amused.

Gingka, Hyoma, Kyoya, Kenta, Yu and Tsubasa are the final six Bladers who have survived the tournament. Blader DJ announces that their battle will be a 6 Man Battle Royal, he states that each one of them have an opportunity to win.

Kenta is worried that all his opponents are strong but is surprised at himself about how far he has made it and has the opportunity to battle all these strong opponents.

The battle begins as all six Bladers launch fiercely into the arena. quickly the target becomes Gingka being attacked by Tsubasa and his Earth Eagle. Yu then reminds Tsubasa about their plan but he disregards it and keeps focusing on defeating Gingka. Kyoya tries to end it fast as he uses his special move King Lion Tearing Blast. Tsubasa's bey then gets caught by the wind and shows his carelessness; while Kyoya reminds them that Gingka isn't there only opponent.

Gingka then uses the help from Kyoya to repel Eagle while Hyoma and Kenta make their pretense known as they attack Yu's Libra with their combined strength they repel Libra but that leads Tsubasa and Yu to devise a plan to take out all beys not Pegasus quickly. Yu then starts to attack Kenta and decides to cut their battle short as he activates one of his special moves, but Kyoya's Leone repels Libra in order to save Kenta while Tsubasa targets Hyoma's Aries.

Tsubasa attacks fiercely until Hyoma counters with a special move Wind Storm Assault to cancel out his attack. Tsubasa then figures out that his attack cannot be cancelled out from above so he uses his special move Metal Wing Smash to eliminate Hyoma from the battle.

Kyoya and Kenta work together to try to eliminate Yu by using there special moves together, Kenta's special move knocks Libra into the arena but still spinning barely, but is grinding against the arena but they spoke to soon as Libra's Eternal Sharp performance tip to regain balance and speed. Yu tries to go battle Pegasus with Tsubasa but Kyoya attempts to stop him but is stopped by Libra's special move Sonic Wave trapping Leone and Saggitario in sand.

Libra then tries to eliminate everybody by using his special move Inferno Blast, but Tsubasa counters with a special move Counter Stance to stop Libra's shockwave production but Kyoya activates his special move Lion Gale Force Wall. Gingka commands Pegasus to try to create a vacuum to cancel out all the special moves in the arena and succeeds but collides with eagle and Libra causing an explosion that eliminates all 3 of them leaving Kyoya and Kenta left. Kyoya works fast and creates a tornado and eliminates Kenta winning him the battle royal and the tournament.

After the tournament Blader DJ announces that he is now qualified to enter Battle bladers. Gingka tells Kyoya he will be there real soon and Kenta says that he will be catching up real soon. Kyoya tells his rivals that the next time they meet will be at Battle Bladers. Kyoya then joins the rest of the group chatting about Battle Bladers. Later Kyoya leaves to train for the big event. During his training he sees Tobio Oike challenge Gingka by beating Django and gets worried when Tobio announces that he is a Dark Nebula blader. Later on Kyoya sees Benkei win his final challenge match and feels pleased when his friend announces that he will fight with Kyoya in Battle Bladers. Kyoya later watches Gingka fight Phoenix saying he won't forgive him if he loses as Kyoya wants to beat Gingka in Battle Bladers. Gingka uses these words to beat Phoenix and copies lion gale force wall as well as his friends many other Special moves such as Metal wing smash and Rock Aries ED145B's movements. Following Gingka's victory, Kyoya admits that he was worried.

Sooner than he believes Battle Bladers begins. Kyoya and the others are surprised that the Master of Ceremonies for Battle Bladers is none other than Doji. Kyoya then learns that they will all be facing Dark Nebula bladers in the first round where he will be facing Kumasuke Kumade. Gingka says that him and his friends have an opportunity to defeat all of the Dark Nebula Bladers in one round and should attempt to due so. Kyoya watches Benkei and Kenta beat Tobio and Tetsuya respectfully and gets impressed at their progress. Ryutaro then beats Teru Saotome. He then watches Gingka battle Yu where he is hoping that Gingka wins as his main goal is to beat Gingka in the finals and win battle Bladers. Kyoya wonders what plan Gingka has in mind. During the battle Libra causes heavy damage and Kyoya learns that even in the sandstorm Yu can see Peagsus's movement. Gingka however overcomes the odds and uses Storm bringer to beat Yu much to Kyoya's relief. In the fifth battle he faces off against Kumasuke and uses Lion Gale Force Wall to beat his Rock Orso D125B, while Tsubassa beats Reiki. Kyoya and Tsubassa get congralted on their victors while agreeing that Ryuga will be no match for them. During Hyoma's battle with Reiji Mizuchi, Kyoya guesses that Rejiji is not attacking to make Hyoma lose his focus. He is right when Poison Serpent SW145 SD attacks Aries without mercy and causes Hyoma to be crushed much to Kyoya and the other's shock. In the second round Kyoya is set to face Ryuga. Kyoya tells the group that Ryuga will be no match for him and vows to beat him. Later that night, Kyoya asks Tsubassa what he is doing only for Tsubassa to tell him that he has no interest in knowing Gingka's gang anymore then he needs to. Tsubassa then encourages Kyoya to step away from battling Ryuga much to Kyoya's anger. Tsubassa warns Kyoya what will happen if he fights Ryuga only for Kyoya to tell him that what Tsubassa is trying to do is an insult to Beyblade as a whole. He explains to the WBBA spy that he is willing to fight if he has to put his life on the line and that is what beyblade is all about. Tsubassa then aplogied for being to hasty causing Kyoya to view him as a friend. Kyoya tells Tsubassa to win his next match so they can face each other in the semi finals then walks away.

The next day the second round is about to began only for Doji to change up the order where he ends up fighting Benkei. Gingka and Kyoya angrily confront Doji asking him why he would make such a change.

Beyblade: Metal Masters

Kyoya vs Tsubasa

Kyoya faces Tsubasa for the Third Spot on Team Japan

Kyoya trained long for another chance to face his ultimate rival - Gingka Hagane and decided to take part in the selection matches of Big Bang Bladers for a spot in the Japanese representational team. Kyoya succeeded in being amongst the top four and would face Tsubasa Otori in the finals to become the Team's third member.

Kyoya plans to defeat Tsubasa, as he would to any other beyblader but is met blow for blow by a determined Tsubasa who feels that Kyoya is the perfect opponent. Kyoya feels comfortable as he knows Tsubasa's style, but Tsubasa knows Kyoya's moves as well, which leads to Tsubasa taking the match. Even though things seem bleak for Kyoya, he is not distraught; rather, he is excited by Tsubasa's strength and prepares to take the match for himself.

Kyoya Leaves

Kyoya never had any intent on joining Team Japan

Kyoya corners Tsubasa with one move after another. This is the fateful moment where the Dark Power inside Tsubasa exhibits itself and leaves him completely disoriented. Another side of Tsubasa is forced out, one that is reckless and aggressive. Battling this uncharacteristic version of Tsubasa basically gives Kyoya a clear shot for the win. Tsubasa plans to face Kyoya power for power, which Kyoya sees through, and defeats Tsubasa for the third spot on the team, with Leone barely spinning.

Although he is victorious, he never had any interest in joining Team Japan and confronted Gingka to tell him that he refuses to join the team. Rather, Kyoya leaves to a different country where he can compete against Japan and finally face Gingka.

Kyoya and Nile 2

Kyoya and Nile battle together to ensure their spot on Team Africa

Kyoya travels to Africa where natives do not make up the Team and anyone can compete to join. Kyoya plans to take the Team for his own as he arrives in Rock City where the Representative Selection Tournament is being held. Kyoya's only worry is that there may not be anyone whom he can partner with, considering Big Bang Bladers is a Team Tournament. But first, Kyoya must win one of three battle royals that will decide the three main members.

Kyoya is the first to win his battle royal with dominating force, and he notices that another Blader named Nile does formidably well in his battle royal as well and takes the second spot. Along with the third winner, Marcus, the three earn special bracelets that represent their spot on the team, in which they have to defend for 24 hours to ensure their spot on the Team.

Team Wild Fang Formed

Kyoya forms Team Wild Fang with Nile & Demure

Kyoya has no problem battling all across Rock City to face Bladers and defend his bracelet, during which he befriends his potential teammate, Nile. The third member, Marcus, who has been hiding rather than battling, leads Kyoya and Nile into a trap where he unfairly steals their bracelets to form his own Team for The World Championships.

Kyoya and Nile search helplessly but are unable to locate Marcus; instead, they are aided by another Blader named Demure who helps them find and defeat Team Marcus. After reclaiming their bracelets, Kyoya gives the third to Demure and the three defend them till the end and together the three of them battle blader after blader, making up Team Wild Fang; Africa's Representational Team.

Kyoya has become the leader of Africa's representational Team and inducted Benkei as their sub-member under the alias of The Masked Bull. The easily win both matches after the qualifying round and move on to face India's Team Chandora. If Wild Fang is successful, they move on to face Team GanGan Galaxy in the A-Block Semi Final.

Kyoya vs Salhan

Kyoya displays his strength against Salhan of India

As destiny had it, Gingka would be one amongst the crowd whom Kyoya would hope to show his Team's strength. Nile is to face Vridick in the first match up, leading Wild Fang with one win as he has always done clearing the path for Kyoya to win the second.

As planned, Kyoya plans to finish it in the next match against Chandora's Leader; Salhan. Salhan is prepared for Kyoya's strength, having studied his battles but this does not worry Kyoya who has something special in-store to show the world in this match. Salhan proves his strength by being able to counter Kyoya's first special move, Lion Gale Force Wall.

Kyoya is not distraught, rather he is only disappointed as he proclaims that only Gingka Hagane could challenge him. To prove this Kyoya shows his new special move where Leon leaps into the air as high as Gingka's Pegasus and creates a storm that crashes upon the opponent, his King Lion Reverse Wind Strike! With this Kyoya wins the match and ensures his match against GanGan Galaxy in the next Round.

Kyoya and Team Wild Fang find out next, they will be facing Team Gan Gan Galaxy, giving Kyoya his chance for redemption. In the first match of their battle Nile faces off against Masamune and defeats him giving Wild Fang the first win.

Kyoya vs Gingka

Kyoya's dream is nearly reached

Next Kyoya would realize his dream of facing Gingka as they went head-to-head in the next match. Like his battle with Salhan he starts off with Lion Gale Force Wall which is easily broken through by Gingka, Gingka then counter attacks and seems to have Kyoya on the edge but it is revealed by Nile that Kyoya is just trying to have some fun.

Gingka attacks with his Star Booster special move where Kyoya debuts another special move, True Lion Gale Force Wall. After going back and forth Kyoya reveals to have upgraded all of his attacks respectively adding "true" and making the attacks far more powerful. Gingka fights and fends off most of Kyoya's attacks and re-uses his Star Booster attack but Kyoya flies even higher than Pegasus and uses his King Lion Reverse Wind Strike.

Kyoya and Gingka pushed

Kyoya and Gingka are pushed to their limit in battle

Kyoya has Gingka on the ropes, but Gingka refuses to lose and uses the rest of his power to make both Beys sleep out leaving the battle in a draw. After Benkei and Demure are defeated by Tsubasa and Yu, Gingka and Masamune decide to end it in a tag team match between them and Kyoya and Nile.

Though Kyoya is injured from his previous battle with Gingka he decides to go on. At the start Nile decides to take out a weakened Gingka but Kyoya stops him as Gingka is his opponent. During the battle Kyoya tries to use his special move but are stopped by his injuries, the same happens to Gingka almost simultaneously. While the battle is closing to an end, Masamune and Gingka begin to use teamwork and combine their special moves to defeat Kyoya and Nile but Kyoya holds them with his special move while Nile preps his Mystic Zone.

Nile nearly had his move prepared but Leone and his attack gave way along Masamune to strike and knock both of them out of the battle giving GanGan Galaxy the win. After the battle Kyoya is still happy and tells Gingka that he hopes they win and that Kyoya will beat him one day.

Kyoya and Team Wild Fang are seen several times cheering Team Gan Gan Galaxy on but do not return until the rise of Hades City in America. During GanGan Galaxy's final match with Team Star Breaker Ryuga returns which sparks Kyoya's interest to investigate so he along with Nile, Benkei Hanawa and Demure head to America to see if something bigger was going on.

During their time in America Dr. Ziggurat reveals the Spiral Force as Gingka and Co. try to stop him. Kyoya and the others return as they help Gingka and many others fight against members of the HD Academy alliance, Kyoya helped Gingka by fighting off Damian Hart and Jack. When Team Excalibur (minus Juilan) join them all teams head out to the city. In an attempt to escape with the Spiral Force Dr.Ziggurat launches Hades City and during that launch Kyoya along with the rest of Team Wild Fang rush to get aboard. They are intercepted by Team Garcias who they battle alongside several beybladers from HD Academy.

Kyoya along with Benkei, Nile and Demure defeat Ian Garcia and his band of beybladers. After finding the HD Academy's main base in Hades City, Kyoya helps by facing Damian in order to allow Gingka and Masamune to move to where Faust is.

Kyoya and Damian

Kyoya faces Damian in the depths of Hades

Kyoya battles hard, and for most of the battle feels out of his league due to Damian's overwhelming power. Kyoya fights on to the point where he is dragged into Kerbecs' gate where its Damian's World giving Kyoya a huge disadvantage. After being battered and beaten by Kerbecs over and over, Kyoya remembers what he's fighting for and Gingka's still out there. At that point, Kyoya changes the realm from the underworld to the wilderness, making it the lion's territory.

Then after turning the tables Damian doesn't give an inch and sends them back to the underworld, though this time Damian loses his cool and goes all out giving Kyoya the perfect opening to strike and defeat Damian with his Special Move King Lion Reverse Wind Strike.

Kyoya goes to regroup with Gingka as he goes into where the Spiral Core is being stopped but can't help due to the moving of the whole city that is falling. He and the others than confronts Dr. Ziggurat as he tries to escape. Kyoya launches Leone so that Zigguart can not get away. He was not seen again until the end of the series like everyone else where Kyoya says he will fight Gingka after Pegasus is repaired which Gingka accepts.

Beyblade: Metal Fury

After the defeat of Hades Inc and the destruction of the Spiral Core, a strange event occurred. A new Star Fragment similar to the one that created Storm Pegasus and Lightning L-Drago exploded and spread out ten beams of light that fell on Earth, hitting and enchanting ten destined Beyblades. These Beys would prove to help in a time of darkness, as the legend of the star foretells.

Kyoya challenges Gingka

Once again, Kyoya challenges Gingka to spice up their rivalry

Kyoya has been training ever since and decides to once again challenge Gingka, leaving him an anonymous message to face him on the beach. Gingka arrives and is met by Kyoya and Benkei, riding in on a canoe eager to battle. Gingka is surprised to see him but is eager to face him nonetheless to see who is stronger out of the two.

Kyoya discovers during battle that Gingka hasn't been slacking in his training either, making the two a perfect match-up. Gingka gains the upper hand after a minor slip on Kyoya's part and In an epic clash, two Star Fragment Beams hit both Galaxy Pegasus W105R2F and Rock Leone 145WB causing a huge explosion. When it seems that disaster has struck, instead a blessing has come upon both Beys, causing them to evolve into Cosmic Pegasus and Fang Leone 130W2D respectively.

Gingka and Kyoya tie

The battle ends in a tie as both evolved beys are equally matched

They are happy to see that their Beys have changed, but the battle rages on as neither blader is really able to control their Beys. Kyoya gains better control then Gingka who is struggling to understand his Bey's new abilities, they both decide pull out what they know and have left in one final clash that ends the battle in a draw.

Kyoya leaves to find legendary bladers

Kyoya sets off to find the remaining Legendary Bladers

The next day, Gingka's father tests both the new Beyblades to find that they have evolved due to a Star Fragment enchanting their Beyblades. Kyoya isn't happy about the testing but still finds joy in his newfound powers.

He leaves with Benkei to go off and train. Later Gingka and co are confronted by a boy named Yuki Mizusawa who tells them off the legend of Nemesis and the Star Fragment that has chosen Legendary Bladers to combat the ultimate darkness, Nemesis.

Kyoya is absent during Yuki's tale but arrives later when he and Gingka are attacked by a mysterious Blader named Johannes who's arrived to instead recruit Bladers to battle for the Nemesis rather than against it. Johannes retreats once Kyoya arrives, and Yuki explains the situation to Kyoya. Now the group sets off to find the remaining Legendary Bladers in order to combat the Nemesis.

Kyoya and the others track down a mystery at Zarkan Island where they hope to find a Legendary Blader. Kyoya simply hopes to find them to defeat them and showcase his strength, rather than the common goal of defeating Nemesis. Before long the gang is lead to an uncanny volcano where they find none other than Ryuga, the next Legendary Blader. Ryuga's L-Drago has become L-Drago Destructor and this causes Kyoya to want to battle and defeat him.

The two begin their battle where Kyoya has obviously improved his skills since the last time the two have battled. Ryuga is impressed with Kyoya's power but before long he realizes that Kyoya barely understands Leone's new strength himself. Ryuga had already mastered some of L-Drago's new abilities and uses them to defeat Kyoya with little effort. Kyoya is shocked with his defeat and looks on as Gingka tries to battle Ryuga to convince him to fight against Nemesis.

Kyoya vs Ryuga 4D

Kyoya faces the new found Legendary Blader; Ryuga!

Ryuga refuses and defeats Gingka as well. With no other choices Yuki steps in and reveals himself to be a Legendary Blader but is still no match for Ryuga, Ryuga leaves after defeating the three Legendary Bladers but Kenta pursues him.

Kyoya and the others decide to continue their pursuit of other Legendary Bladers, which leads them to China where the Beylin Temple Bladers tell them of the "Crimson Flash", who has great power and has been defeating several Beylin exiled Bladers. The Beylin temple Bladers then tell the group of an upcoming tag team tournament, in which Benkei and Kyoya leave to train for, hoping they can find the Legendary Blader there.

Once the tournament begins, Kyoya decides to allow Benkei to dominate their first-round matchup, Kyoya just standing by. Kyoya decides to ignore most of the matches and instead warns Yuki that he better not cause Gingka to lose, for Kyoya himself wishes to defeat him. During Gingka and Yuki's first round battle against Chao Xin and Mei Mei, Yuki's poor Blading skills were holding Gingka back. This angered Kyoya to the point where he began to scold Yuki during the battle. Yuki eventually began to aid Gingka thanks to Gingka's own comments. Kyoya was satisfied with the outcome of Gingka's victory.

Kyoya and Benkei vs Johannes and Motti

Kyoya and Benkei faces Johannes and Motty in the second round of the ToRyumon tournament

In the second round matches, Gingka, Yuki, Dashan and Chi-yun effortlessly advance which sets the stage for Kyoya's second round match against Johannes and his partner Motty. Now interested in his opponent, Kyoya decides to take the match on his own, hoping to defeat Johannes with his new mastery of Leone.

Kyoya's new Leone

With the defeat of Johannes, Kyoya has proven to everyone he has mastered his new Leone.

Kyoya decides to start Leone in Defence mode rather than his favored counter mode. Johannes seemingly takes on most of Kyoya's attacks by switching its height and evading the attacks.

Using up a large amount of his energy, Kyoya decides to take a defensive stance. During this pause in the battle Benkei decides to attack Johannes' partner Motty. This ends up getting both he and Motty eliminated simultaneously, nearly costing Kyoya the match.

Johannes and everyone else are shocked by the next phase of battle where Leone's defense is able to withstand most of Johannes Beat Lynx's attacks until he begins to change up his attack patterns. This leads Kyoya to bring out Leone's true power, its new special move. Kyoya sucks Lynx up into a tornado where its abilities are useless then unleashes his special move; King Lion - Crushing Fang to defeat Johannes.

Kyoya looked on during the Semi-Final match between Gingka and Yuki's team against Dashan and Chi-yun's team. Kyoya was disappointed during the early stages of the match where Gingka struggled but was glad to see that Gingka was able to unlock Pegasus' power to win the match.

Now Kyoya would overlook his next opponents, only hoping to battle against Gingka. Now in the second Semi-Final match, Kyoya and Benkei would battle Bao and Aguma. Believing that Bao is the legendary blader of the two, Kyoya decides to isolate him in this match. To his surprise, Kyoya is easily able to overpower Bao but turns his back to Aguma who unleashes his power and defeats Benkei and Kyoya simultaneously, shocking the Lion tamer. Kyoya and others are shocked to learn that Aguma is the Legendary Blader of the two, not Bao.

He later watches the final battle where Ginka and Yuki are defeated by Aguma and Bao which makes Kyoya hate the new legendary blader.

Later he tells everyone that he wants revenge on Aguma to which Yuki tells him thats not what being a legendary Blader is about. The group gets an email from Julian Konzern to which Kyoya goes but doesn't trust him.

The gang arrives in Greece where they are met by Wales and Sophie and tells them about the history of a strong bey. They meet up with Klaus and Julian who give them info on they bey named Variares D:D being so strong it was sealed. Afterwors the group watches the Destroyer Dome Tournament where they learn that a blader named King and his Variares D:D is also a Legendary Blader.


MFB Lion
  • Rock Leone 145WBRockLeone: Kyoya's prime Beyblade in both Metal Fusion and Metal Masters. Known as "The King of Beasts", it is a powerful Defense-type that has far greater aggression then the average Defense-type. As seen in Leone's Roar!, it represents the constellation of the Lion (Leo) and uses it's powerful roar to create winds and use them to attack through its special moves.
  • Fang Leone 130W²DFangleone: Kyoya's second prime Beyblade in Metal Fury. It is the evolved version of Rock Leone after it was enchanted by a Star Fragment. It maintains its former abilities of wind combined with Kyoya's Legend Aura that allow it to become a potentially great bey. Its Fusion Wheel has been separated into a 4D Frame where Leone is able to change from its normal defence mode to counter mode. The favored counter mode is able to transform Leone into an attack type Beyblade with incredible attack power. The defence mode is able to withstand harsh attacks from its opponents and retain a large amount of stamina.

Special Moves

Rock Leone

  • Lion Gale Force Wall: Leone uses its ball tip to focus the air pressure under it then uses its rotation to form it into a twister that has been used for defending and attacking.
  • King Lion 100 Fang Fury (獅子百烈牙 Shishi Hyakuretsuga): Leone uses the Lion Gale Force Wall to fling debris at the enemy at high speed.
  • Lion Wild Wind Fang Dance: A stronger but slower version of Lion Gale Force wall that creates a powerful twister to attack the opponent.
  • King Lion Tearing Blast: Leone creates a flurry of several twisters using the same mechanics from its Lion Gale Force Wall. This puts great strain on Leone as it has caused its track to crack on two occasions.
  • King Lion Furious Blast Shot: Leone immerses itself in a twister and fires itself at the opponent as a raging bullet.
  • True Lion Gale Force Wall: Leone Creates a Green Tornado That Makes A Wall of Air Around Leone, Causing the Opponents Bey Fly Up in the Air and Then Get a Stadium Out.
  • True King Lion Tearing Blast: A stronger version of King Lion Tearing Blast Leone creates five tornadoes that also have the ability to be mobile.
  • King Lion Reverse Wind Strike: Rock Leone's finishing move in Metal Masters. Leone leaps into the air and flips itself upside-down to gather a far greater amount of wind then on the ground. It then focuses this and fires the twister at the opponent from above.

Fang Leone

  • King Lion Crushing Fang: Leone first creates a tornado which lifts the target beyblade off the ground then when it is levitated directly above Leone, Leone leaps to the opponent and uppercuts them. The shock of the attack disperses the tornado and sends the opponent flying.


Gingka Hagane

Gingka's relationship with Kyoya has been bad from the very first episode. Kyoya, got defeated by Gingka several times, and is determined to defeat Gingka but has never suceeded. He even created one of his special move in order to defeat Gingka, but failed yet again. In Metal Masters, however, he was able to draw with Gingka in the Beyblade World Championshions. Before this battle he had told Gingka that he had trained very hard in order to find a way to stop Pegasus spinning and that he had found out the way. Gingka also seems to think that Kyoya is a great rival. In Metal Fury, he is again shown, determined to defeat Gingka, but again there is a draw. This shows what great rivalry there is between these two strong bladers. After Ryuga, Gingka's second greatest rival is Kyoya Tategami.


Benkei has a great relationship with Kyoya, whom he looks up to. Benkei was originally part of the Face Hunters when Kyoya abandoned them. Benkei cries out, "That's my Kyoya!", whenever Kyoya does something great. Benkei is sometimes get over protective, but thats just because he and Kyoya are really good buddies.


Kyoya and Nile developed a friendly relationship during the Savanna selection tournament. They became teammates on wild fang and fought to be number 1 togther.


Aguma's relationship with Kyoya is very hostile from the first time they have meet. Kyoya was furious when Aguma defeated him and Benkei after he revealed his Legend Power. He was also very determined to defeat Aguma in their battle in The Lion's Pride. Their relationship had worsen by Bladers Of Four Seasons as Aguma mocks Kyoya multiple times, calling him 'Gingka's dog' and mentioning that Kyoya is Gingka's follower, making Kyoya furious and attack everyone, even his friends. Aguma is one of Kyoya's biggest rival at first.

However, after Aguma decided his fate and he joins the the other Legendary Bladers in their battle against Nemesis, Kyoya start accepting him as his ally and their relationship improves. In the battle against Nemesis in Flash Sagittario (Part 1), Aguma stops Kyoya from attacking Nemesis telling him to work together with Gingka and the other Bladers of Four Seasons in order to form Zeus' Barrier in sealing Nemesis away. In the final episode of Metal Fury, Kyoya tells Aguma that they will battle again next time, indicating that they were rivals on good terms.


Due to the two being Gingka's rivals they both share hatred for each other. Kyoya also harbors jealousy over the fact that Ryuga beat Gingka when he couldn't, while Ryuga thinks Kyoya is strong but inferior compared to Gingka. Though after Ryuga sacrificed himself Kyoya gained respect for him.


He first met Kyoya after he lost to Gingka.At first Kyoya did not trust Doji. But after losing to him in the mountains he knew he had to train with Dark nebula. After getting new powers in Wolf cannon he fought Gingka again, but he lost. Soon after that Doji claimed Kyoya didn't get much training and injured him and Leone. Once he realized the plan was for Doji to use him as a pawn, Kyoya joined Gingka in defeating the Dark Nebula. Doji then saw Kyoya as another eneimey to be stopped. Kyoya vowed to make doji pay for manipulating him.

Tobio Oike

Kyoya seems to have a good respect for Tobio.


Beyblade: Metal Fusion
Opponent Episode Result
Benkei Hanawa and 4 Face Hunters MF002 Win
Unknown Blader MF002 (mentioned) Win
Unknown Bladers MF002 Win (flashback)
Gingka Hagane MF002 Lose
Doji MF003 Lose
Benkei Hanawa (flashback) MF004 Win (many times)
Training Beyblades MF005 Win
Hologram Gingka MF008 Win
Tetsuya Watarigani MF009 Win
Benkei Hanawa and Kenta Yumiya MF009 Win
Unknown Bladers MF010 Win (dream)
Gingka Hagane MF010 Lose
Doji MF011 Lose
Dark Nebula beyblades (Tag w/ Gingka, Kenta, and Benkei) MF011 Win
Giant Beyblade (Tag w/ Gingka, Kenta and Benkei) MF012 Win
Dark Nebula Bladers (Tag w/ Gingka, Benkei and Kenta) MF012 No outcome
Reiki Sodo and Dan Sodo (Tag w/ Gingka although later faces them alone) MF012 Win
Survival Battle Blader MF020 Win
Hikaru Hasama MF020-MF021 No Outcome (interrupted by bladers)
4 Survival Battle Bladers (Tag w/ Hikaru) MF021 Win
Hyoma MF021 Win
Yu Tendo, Gingka Hagane, Madoka Amano MF022 Lose
Gingka Hagane, Benkei Hanawa, Kenta Yumiya Osamu, Takashi, Akria, Hikaru Hasama, Tetsuya Watarigani, Hyoma MF023 Lose
Taraba MF024 Win
Tournament Blader MF025 Win (flashback)
Unknown Bladers MF025 Win (flashback)
Unknown Bladers MF025 Win (flashback)
Unknown Bladers MF025 Win (flashback)
3 Anonymous BeyBladers MF025 Win
Tournament Blader (1st round) MF025 Win
Tournament Blader (2nd round) MF025 Win
Tobio Oike MF025 Win
Hikaru Hasama MF031 Win
Gingka Hagane, Kenta Yumiya, Hyoma, Tsubasa Otori, Yu Tendo MF032 Winner
Kumasuke Kumade MF041 Win
Benkei Hanawa MF043 Win
Ryuga MF049 Lose
Beyblade: Metal Masters
Opponent Episode Result
Selection Bladers MM004 Win
Japanese Selection match MM004 Winner
Tsubasa Otori MM005 Win
Unknown Bladers MM018 Win
Red Group Battle Royal MM018 Win
Unknown Bladers MM018 Win
Unknown Bladers (Tag w/ Nile) MM018 Win
Unknown Bladers MM018 Win
Unknown Bladers (Tag w/ Nile) MM018 Win
Team Marcus (Tag w/ Nile) MM018 Win
Unknown Bladers (Tag w/ Nile and Demoure) MM018 Not shown
Unknown World Championship Blader Offscreen Win
Unknown World Championship Blader Offscreen Win
Salhan MM019 Win
Gingka Hagane MM021 Draw (both collapsed)
Gingka Hagane and Masamune Kadoya (Tag w/ Nile) MM023 Lose
Damian Hart and Jack (Tag w/ Gingka) MM045 No outcome
Ian Garcia and HD Academy Bladers (Tag w/ Team Wild Fang) MM046 Win
HD Academy Bladers (Tag w/ Team GanGan Galaxy) MM047 Win
HD Academy Bladers MM048 Win
HD Academy Bladers (Tag w/ Gingka and Massamune) MM048 Win
HD Academy Bladers MM049 Win
Damian Hart MM049 Win
Metal Fight Beyblade VS the Sun: Sol Blaze
Opponent Result
Bakim Win
Beyblade: Metal Fury
Opponent Episode Result
Gingka Hagane 4D001 Draw (beys evolved)
Benkei Hanawa 4D002 Win
Benkei Hanawa 4D002 Win (flashback)
Johannes (Tag w/ Gingka) 4D003 No Outcome
Ryuga 4D004-4D005 Lose
Gingka Hagane 4D006 No Outcome
Gingka Hagane, Yuki Mizusawa 4D006 No outcome
ToRyumon Round 1 Bladers (Tag w/ Benkei) 4D009 Win
Johannes and Motty (Tag w/ Benkei) 4D010 Win
Aguma and Bao (Tag w/ Benkei) 4D011 Lose
Aguma 4D019 Win
Dynamis 4D020 No Outcome (Interrupted by Ryuto)
Aguma, Bao, Johannes and Beylin Fist (Tag w/ Gingka, Dynamis, Nile, Demure, Benkei, and Yuki) 4D022 No Outcome
Gingka Hagane 4D022 No outcome
10 Villagers 4D027 Win
Yu Tendo 4D027 No Outcome
Yu Tendo 4D027-4D028 No Outcome (interrupted by Tithi)
Yu Tendo and Tithi 4D030 No Outcome
Dynamis 4D034-4D037 Win
Rago and Pluto (Tag w/ Gingka, Ryuga, Chris and Dynamis) 4D038 No outcome (Nemesis evolved)
Rago (Tag w/ Legendary Bladers, (except Aguma) Masamune and Yu) 4D039 No Outcome (Ruins Collapsed)
Benkei Hanawa 4D041 No Outcome (Earthquake)
Johannes, Keyser, Cycnus, and Herschel (Tag w/ Legendary Bladers, (Except Ryuga) Zeo, Toby and Yu) 4D042 Win
Rago and Pluto (Tag w/ Legendary Bladers, Masamune, Yu and Tsubasa) 4D045-4D049 Draw
Nemesis (Tag w/ Legendary Bladers, Masamune, Yu, and Tsubasa) 4D049-4D052 Eliminated (In 4D050)
Aguma off screen Win (implied)
Chris off screen Win (Implied)
Dynamis off screen Win (implied)
Tithi off screen Win (implied)
Yuki Mizusawa off screen Win (implied)
King off screen Win (implied)
Kenta Yumiya off screen Win (implied)
Gingka Hagane 4D052 Not Shown (show ended)


Beyblade: Metal Fusion

Beyblade: Metal Masters

Beyblade: Metal Fury


Main article: Kyoya Tategami/Gallery


  • Kyoya's last name, Tategami is a play on the word 鬣 meaning "mane", like that of a lion. Kyoya's last name can also mean "divine shield", referencing Rock Leone's defense style.
  • In Beyblade Metal Masters, Kyoya most likely didn't have a dark side because he had already merged with it like Ryuga had, as seen when his "wild" personality reached new levels of complete randomness and aggression, this personality change is also seen in Ryuga as he always smiles and laughs evily in Metal Fusion but only does so when he shows off his L-Drago's power in Metal Masters, but Tsubasa does not go through this change.
  • Both him and Tubassa came very close to defeating Ryuga, although they both used very different tactics. Tsubasa stored his energy until Ryuga used his dark move, and unleashed Counter Stance to defeat the Dark Move, thus leaving L'Drago seriously weakened. Kyoya on the other hand, taunted Ryuga to battle him using only his own strength, and therefore faced a considerably less powerful version of the Dragon Emperor. It is therefore debatable who is actually stronger between Tsubasa and Kyoya, as even their battle in Metal Masters only resulted in a loss for Tsubasa because the Dark Power completely disoriented him. It is also worth noting that the two have very different battle styles, with Tsubasa relying on strategies and skill, and Kyoya relying on his training and brute force.
  • Kyoya, Ryuga and Kenta Yumiya are the only Legendary Bladers that don't use a 3-Segment Launcher.
  • Even though his team didn't even come in the top 4 teams in the world championship, he defeated Damian Hart, the leader of Team Star Breaker who came in second in the world championships.
  • Despite being Gingka's biggest rival, he has only defeated him once, on-screen allthough Gingka only lost due to Gingka losing control of Pegasus. However, after episode 32, all their subsequent battles(except for their final battle in episode 154) had ended with a draw. As Gingka's biggest rival, the final scene shown at the end of the last season (before the Shogun Steel spin-off) shows him facing off with Gingka (like Tyson and Kai did in the Original Series ending) and the episode ends.
  • Kyoya also makes a debut in the Zero-G manga as he comes back with Gingka, his best friend, but it is unknown whether or not he has a new beyblade.
  • Kyoya was the only Blader of the Four Seasons to not have a 4D bottom on his Bey until Kenta became a Blader of the Four Seasons.
  • Kyoya is occasionally nicknamed "Yo-Yo" by the younger characters (Yu and Tithi) and he hates it if they do so.
Kyoya and Kakeru ZeroG

Kyoya & Kakeru in Shogun Steel.

  • He also makes a debut in the Zero-G anime episode 26 "Bridge to the future" Japanese version, along side with his brother Kakeru.
  • Adachi Takafumi explains that some fans overseas were asking him if Kyoya and Kakeru were working for WBBA and his answer is “No, they are working at a company of their own named 'TC' ”
  • Kyoya's English voice actor (Peter Cugno) is same one who voiced Lee from the Original Series. Coincidentally they have an uncanny resemblance as they both possess lion Beyblades, a fang-shaped tooth that sticks out of their mouths, and long hair that's often tied up in a ponytail.
  • In Zero-G / Shogun Steel manga only, Kyoya inherited his father's industrial company like Kai did in the end of the Original Series manga.[1]
  • At the end of Metal Fury he is seen battling Gingka hinting that he defeated rest of the legendary bladers. However, he was never able to fully defeat them since he did not battle Ryuga.
  • It was revealed he got his scars protecting his brother Kakeru, from what is still unknown.
  • Kyoya has a rival named the same as his brother who tried to take his position as the leader of the Face Hunters.
  • He, Benkei, Hikaru, Tsubassa and Yu were the only members of Gingka's gang to be former antagonists.
  • Apparently, he is very good at spotting little details, as seen when he knew where the moon was when going to Wolf Canyon and remembering all of Hyoma‘s lies.
  • In Kyoya’s concept art, he was originally going to have one scar and an earring in his right ear, there was also art depicting him with large bunny ear like hair at one point.
  • In the original concept for the series he and Kakeru were supposed to be a team and balance each other out.
  • Kyoya apparently really dislikes potatoes, as stated by Benkei himself in Masters episode 6.
  • Kyoya is the only team leader in the World championships that had fought Gingka back in Metal Fusion.
  • Episode 49 of both Fusion and Masters have him fighting in intense battles against Ryuga and Damian respectfully.
  • Although Kyoya claims to be a lone lion he has been on many different team to Gingka's gang the Face Hunters Team Wild Fang, and the Legendary Bladers.
  • (Kyouya Tategami,Kanade Tachibana).Furthermore,Kyouya's seiyu,Satoshi Hino and Kanade's seiyu,Kana Hanazawa is cast together in several fantasy anime,such as: Otome Youkai Zakuro,Magi: The Kingdom of Magic,and Aesthetica of Rogue Heroes.
  • When he first introduced himself to Gingka Hagane, he said "Tategami" like "Tatagami".
  • Kyoya is similar to Kai Hiwatari from the original Beyblade series, from their character traits as well as being the ultimate rival of their series' main protagonist.
    • Kyoya is also very similar to Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z. They both don't like having friends and always focuses on antagonizing and getting even with the protagonist(like a lot of antagonists/Rivals). (Goku, Vegeta) (Gingka, Kyoya). Also neither of them have won once against their rivals (Draw for Kyoya, and Gokuu wasn't giving all he have while fighting Majin Vegeta)