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Kyoya Tategami & Nile vs. Team Marcus is the last battle that took place during the Final Selection Process of official team members to represent Africa in the Beyblade World Championships.


Final Selection

The Final Selection Begins!

After winning the battle royals and becoming members of the African Team, it is revealed that they are not yet official as they have to protect bracelets that they earned for winning for 24 hours and whoever has them becomes official. The final process begins and Kyoya and Nile easily dominates everyone that comes their way, during their winning spree they are led to safety by the other winner, Marcus. But it is a trap as they are left dangling over a pit as Marcus and his hand picked team mates steal their bracelets. Thanks to Demure, one of the other beybladers, Nile and Kyoya are able to track down Team Marcus.


Demure analisis

Demure analyzes the opponents

The two on three battle begins where Kyoya and Nile battle to win their bracelets back from Team Marcus. As the battle begins Demure warns that the two beyblades to the rear are planning to use Marcus as bait to perform a pincer attack, thanks to Demure's warning Kyoya and Nile are able to easily dodge. Kyoya and Nile then both activate their special moves to decisively defeat Team Marcus and take back their bracelets.


Team Wild Fang Formed

Team Wild Fang is formed

Kyoya and Nile take their bracelets back including Marcus' and Kyoya gives that one to Demure as a way to thank him for all his help. With less than an hour left the team is decided as they head to rightfully defend their bracelets and fight through the crowd of beybladers.