Kyoya vs. Salhan is the second and final match up between Team Wild Fang and Team Chandora.


After Nile defeats Vridick of Team Chandora, Kyoya follows up to end it in two matches against Salhan. Salhan tells Kyoya that he's studied his moves but Kyoya pays no mind as the battle begins.


Salhan defeats the wind

Salhan destroys Kyoya's special move

The battle begins as Kyoya immediately uses his special move, Lion Gale Force Wall creating a giant wind fall centerstage. The breeze from the attack blows Serpent to the edge of the stadium somewhat impressing Kyoya that he's survived, Salhan then commands Serpent to spin around the attack. Serpent heats up the stadium and creates an updraft which weakens Leone's special move. When Salhan spots an oppening he uses his special move, Burning Mirage to slam into Leone and destroys the Lion Gale Force Wall.

Leone defeats Serpeant

Leone defeats Serpeant

Salhan reitterates his warning about studying Kyoya's moves and that his wind attacks won't work. Kyoya once again pays no mind to his treat and turns his attention to Gingka in the crowd and instead warns him of his Leone's new powers. Salhan takes this as an insult and attacks but Leone is easily able to stand his ground, Kyoya regains focus on the battle and repels Serpent. Kyoya begins his assualt as his Leone acts as if it is an attack type beyblade and slams Serpent across the stadium Kyoya then sends Leone across the stadium and leaps it into the air, there Kyoya reveals his "new fangs" as he uses his new special move, King Lion Reverse Wind Strike turning Leone upsidown and releasing a tornado downwards which slams atop Serpent and instantly sends it out of the stadium giving Kyoya an impressive win.
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