Goku (極, Goku) is a Layer Weight released by Takara Tomy as part of the Burst System as well as the Gatinko Layer System. It debuted in Japan with the release of the B-00 Rare Bey Get Battle Prize Slash Valkyrie Goku on April 26th, 2019.


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Takara Tomy

  • B-00 Slash Valkyrie Goku (Gold Turbo Ver.) (Rare Bey Get Battle)
  • B-00 Goku (GT Point Get Battle Campaign)


Takara Tomy


  • The black Goku Layer Weight came from a GT Point Get Battle Campaign in Japan. By participating in G4 tournaments and/or battling motorized Beys in stadiums where the Mugen/Mugen-L Drivers are used, you could get points and redeem them for this special Layer Weight recolor.


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