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Leader A is an antagonist in BeyWheelz. He is a mysterious Wheeler and the commander of the Dominators who plans to take over the Wheeler world with his Shadow Fortune Zurafa. He is secretly Ryan Gladstone's assistant, Mathew Kendrick.

Physical Appearance

Leader A is tall, slim and pale skinned with blonde hair that is slicked back behind his head. His face is covered by a dual colored mask (silver/brown) with orange eye visors. He wears a white jacket with red designs and straps. He also wears blue pants and brown shoes.


Nothing much is known about Leader A thus far, he is a mysterious Wheeler who hopes to take over the Wheeler world by only allowing the Dominators to Wheel.



Leader A and Leader B ordered the Domiantors to attack the Team Estrella tryouts. After they failed, the Leaders appeared to warn Team Estrella of the coming days.