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Leader B is an antagonist in BeyWheelz. She is a mysterious Wheeler and the commander of the Dominators who plans to take over the Wheeler world with her Dagger Spine Lacerta. She is secretly Ryan Gladstone's assistant, Lucy McClain.

Physical Appearance[]

Leader B is tall, slim, fair skinned with pink hair that extends both above and behind her head. Her eyes are covered by her unique white mask with blue visor pupils. She wears a tan jacket with bronze strap locks and blue designs. She wears black pants that tuck into her tan boots.



Leader A and Leader B ordered the Domiantors to attack the Team Estrella tryouts, after they failed the Leaders appeared to warn Team Estrella of the coming days.


  • Like Matthew, she strongly resembles Spectra Phantom from Bakugan.
  • She is the only female antagonist and also the only non-male character to use a Balance Type in Beywheelz.
  • She resembles Jessie from Pokémon.