Lean Walhalla (レーン・ヴァルハラ, Rēn Varuhara) is the main antagonist of the anime/manga series, Beyblade Burst Superking.


Lean is a tall boy with pale skin, yellow eyes with thin rings, pointed incisors, magenta markings on his face, and spiked up magenta hair with lighter pink highlights.

His attire consists of a dark blue sweatshirt with light blue markings on the front and a mint green fur collar, indigo pants, red boots with mint green collars and light-rose soles, three red-buckled violet belts on the arms and two on the thighs, a harness-like violet belt on the torso with red buckles and red studs, and a dark-red, square-cuffed fingerless glove on his left hand. When he's not Beyblading, Lean wears a black coat with four violet buttons and red-buckled straps on the chest section.

When he resonates with his Beyblade, Lean's eyes and facial markings glow.


Outside of battle, Lean appears as a calm and aloof Blader; keeping to himself and avoiding interacting with others he doesn't think are worth it. He's also shown to be bitter and downgrading others who he's thinks are incompetent; shown as he scolds Hyuga and refuses to use his launcher when he destroyed his even to the point of whacking if off his hands but using Shu's.

Despite his cold exterior, he does show a gentler and friendlier side when around his pet hedgehog Harry, shown by him petting his quills gently.



Beyblade Burst Superking


Special Moves

  • Sparking Shoot:
  • Variant Wall: With the 2D's rubber blades spinning, Lucifer channels power through the Variant Ring as a boost in power to the rubber blades, knocking back the opposing Beyblade.


Beyblade Burst Superking
Opponent Episode Result
Hyuga Asahi 08 Win
Lui Shirosagi 08 Win (2-0)
Hyuga Asahi (flashback) 09 Win
Unknown Blader (flashback) 09 Win
Free De La Hoya (flashback) 09 Win
Ranjiro Kiyama 10 TBA
Hikaru Asahi & Aiger Akabane (with Hyuga Asahi) 12 TBA

Anime Appearances

Beyblade Burst Superking





  • His birthday is September 1st.
  • Lean is the first Beyblade Burst character to own two different Beyblades that are not generic.
  • In the Superking manga, it was revealed that Lean's A-Tier blader rank is number 1, making him ranked 16th in the world.
  • Lean is the third Burst character to own a pet, along with Cuza Ackermann and Tango Koryu. In his case, it's a hedgehog named Harry.
  • His hair bears a striking resemblance to Aiger's when the latter uses his Bey resonance.
  • In contrast to most characters who have one extra black ring in their irises (Shu, Lui, etc.), Lean has two rings in each iris.
  • Lean is the third Beyblade Burst character to destroy a launcher; the first and second being Xander Shakadera and Aiger Akabane.


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