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Left-Spin (左回転, Hidari Kaiten; Left Rotation) Beyblades, as the name implies, are Beyblades that spin in a leftward, counterclockwise direction. Left-Spin is also sometimes referred to as Reverse Rotation[1] or Reverse Spin Direction[2], as Right-Spin is considered the standard spin direction.

Left-Spin Beyblades were traditionally associated with dragon motifs throughout the Beyblade franchise, with Beyblades such as the Dragoon line in the Original Series and the L-Drago line in the Metal Saga, and are typically seen as rare or unusual. Beginning with the Burst Series however, Left-Spin has become more common and standard among Beyblade releases. Dual-Spin Beyblades such as Gravity Destroyer AD145WD as well as both the Spriggan line and the Diabolos line have both Right-Spin and Left-Spin capabilities. When against Right-Spin opponents, Left-Spin Beyblades can perform some degree of Spin Steal.

With the release of the Gatinko Layer System in Beyblade Burst Rise, some components are only compatible with those of the same spin direction. For example, the Left-Spin Fafnir Gatinko Chip is only compatible with Left-Spin and Dual-Spin Layer Bases.


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