LBセット 箱4


The Legend Beyblade Set is a limited-edition Beyblade set exclusive to Takara Tomy. It consists of the Bladers of the Four Seasons Beyblades in a gold recolor, in which all come in an exclusive black box to hold them in. It was released on December 2011 in Japan and only 100 units were ever created. It includes a certificate of authenticity to ensure the owner that the set is authentic.


  • Big Bang Pegasis F:D - Black facebolt with a red printed Pegasis motif, translucent gold Pegasis III energy ring, black PC Frame, gold Metal Frame, gold Core, light gold F:D with bright red rubber tip, also features purple decals.
  • Fang Leone 130W²D - Black facebolt with gold printed Leone motif, translucent gold Leone II, gold Metal Frame, gold Core, light gold 130, light gold W²D. Also features army camoflauge decals.
  • L-Drago Destroy F:S - Black facebolt with red printed L-Drago motif, gold L-Drago Destroy with red decals, Black Core with rubber, with a light gold F:S.
  • Phantom Orion B:D - Black facebolt with gold printed Orion motif, Black Orion, gold Phantom with black highlights and red eye decals, with a light gold B:D.



  • All Beyblades in this Set, contain a light-gold coloured 4D Bottom/Track and Tip.
  • Only 100 units were ever created.
  • It appears the window design was to make it look as if the 4 Beys were about to clash with Diablo Nemesis X:D.
  • Leone is the only bey in this pack without a 4-D Bottom.
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