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Legend Spryzen S3 4Cross Guard is a Defense Type Beyblade released as part of the Burst System as well as the God Layer System. It was released in western countries as a part of the Shadow Snake Pit Battle Set.

Energy Layer - Legend Spryzen S3

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Legend Spryzen S3, like its predecessor Spryzen S2, is a Balance Type Energy Layer that feature four large blades; two of which are made of clear plastic, and the other two are molded into the shape of beast-like heads on them which are meant to represent the Layer's Japanese namesake; the Spriggan, a legendary beast of Cornish Faery Lore. In the center is a large double bladed axe, matching the weapon the anime's rendition of this Layer's beast wields. As part of the SwitchStrike/God Layer System, Legend Spryzen S3 features two gimmicks;  

Like Xcalius X3, Luinor L2, Luinor L3, Spryzen Requiem S3, and every other Cho-Z Layer, Legend Spryzen S3 features metal in its design to increase its weight; in this case, in the form of an irremovable God Chip. 

Like Spryzen Requiem S3 and Cho-Z Spriggan, Legend Spryzen S3 is a Dual-Spin Layer, with two sets of teeth on the Takara Tomy release of Legend Spriggan for Right-Spin Mode and Left-Spin Mode.

Due to the asymmetrical design of the Layer, Legend Spryzen S3's performance changes depending on the spin direction.

In Right-Spin Mode, the primary points of contact are the clear blades which are sloped to create Upper Attack. While the intended Upper Attack has some success, due to the thickness of the blades however, contact is more likely to be made on the tips of the blades, which instead produces Spike Attack and subsequent high Burst Attack. However, due to how the clear blades are shaped and how compact they are, Legend Spryzen S3 can only be used on high friction and high speed rubber Performance Tips such as Xtreme or else the combination will Self-Burst.

In Left-Spin Mode, the primary points of contact are the flat faces of the beast-like heads which are meant to create Smash Attack. However, due to the nature of the Burst System, such a heavy recoil design creates a high Self-Burst risk instead. While Left-Spin Mode can work against other Left-Spin Layers such as Drain Fafnir, Right-Spin Mode has the greater success overall.

Due to the high recoil design of the blades, Legend Spryzen S3 is ill-suited for Stationary Combinations. However, the heavy weight of the Layer, shape of the blades and the strong teeth of the Takara Tomy release of Legend Spriggan once made this Layer a Top-Tier choice for Attack Combinations.

Legend Spriggan has one major weakness however. Like Spriggan Requiem, to facilitate the Dual-Spin gimmick, two of the teeth on each set that are meant to switch spin direction are made to the thickness of those found on Single Layers made before the release of Xcalibur, meaning that the first two teeth on each set will wear down fairly quickly. Due to this, it is recommended to have multiple copies of this Layer and to be prepared to replace it.

Forge Disc - 4

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4, like other even numbered Core Discs, is symmetrical and elliptical in shape in order to facilitate a Disc Frame. Each side features two protrusions, one molded into the shape of a "4" and the other molded into the shape of the Roman Numeral "IV". The protrusions extend further from the center more than other Core Discs which grants 4 high Outward Weight Distribution and subsequent Stamina potential. As a Core Disc, 4 is comparatively heavier than regular Forge Discs such as Heavy and Gravity which grants higher KO resistance and the ability to facilitate Disc Frames can add characteristics such as Life After Death with Cross or Glaive. While 7 has greater Stamina, 4's Stamina is still comparable.

Disc Frame - Cross

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Cross features a diamond shape with protrusions on each corner, akin to Force, at an upward angle. While too small to come into contact with the opponent's Layer, the relatively round shape of Cross grants the highest Life After Death out of all other Disc Frames in the meta game at the time of writing and the upwards angle of the protrusions ensures that they will not scrape against the stadium floor.

Performance Tip - Guard

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Guard features a ball shaped tip surrounded by a downward facing dish that freely moves vertically, akin to Zero-G Beyblade's E230 Track. In theory the dish is meant to make contact with the stadium floor when the Beyblade is struck, forcing it back upright, acting as brakes to prevent a KO while the vertical movement of the dish is meant to prevent Stamina loss. In practice however, the vertical movement prevents the dish from stabilizing a Combination on the shallow curvature of the stadium and because the dish does not spin freely, it causes the Beyblade to accelerate instead of stopping which worsens Destabilization further.

Unlike other ball based Performance Tips, Guard's tip does not features any tabs as their purpose had been integrated into the dish. However, the relatively smooth rim of the dish and its vertical movement nullifies most of its KO resistance with greater Stamina loss and the small diameter of the tip does little to stop the Beyblade. While the smooth ball would imply greater Stamina than Defense, the aforementioned dish nullifies any Stamina benefit.



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