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Valt: All right! Let's do this thing!

Rantaro: You sure you wanna challenge me, Rantaro Kiyama to a battle? You've got guts. That bey of yours, ill crush it till it falls. Get ready for a battle you would remember!

Valt: Hey, My name is Valt, and my absolute favorite thing in the world is Beyblade!

Student: Valt and Rantaro are gonna battle?

Student 2: This is going to be good!

(Valt equips his bey)

Valt: This is it Valtryek! Were gonna show them just how strong we are!

Rantaro: Roktavor.. It's time to have some fun!

Student: Guys.. Rantaro's tough, I don't know what Valt is thinking.

Student2: Yeah. Should we stop him?

Student3: This is not good. I don't think your brother has a chance of winning..

Toko: C'mon Valt! You can do this!

Nika: Just hold on you'll get him!

Student: Alright! The big match between Valt Aoi and Rantaro Kiyama is about to begin! Whoever scores two points first wins! First battle!

Rantaro: (Chuckles) Alright. He looks pretty confident, but no problem I got this.

Student: Ready? Set!

All: Three, two, one! Let it Rip!

(Valtryek and Roktavor get launched into the stadium)

To be continued...

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