Beyblade Wiki

Level Chips are accessories that are designed to fill in the three empty sockets of a Cho-Z/Turbo Layer; being easy to identify via the diamond-esque socket that's either on the top, bottom, or side parts of the Layer's centerpiece, along with two gaps beside the center. When inserted into the underside of the Cho-Z/Turbo Layer, a Level Chip will fix the following issues:

  1. It fixes the Stability issues that most to all Cho-Z/Turbo Layers have, making them more balanced and reduces the risk of Bursts and increases Stamina.
  2. It adds a small (yet minuscule at best) amount of weight to the Layers, which aids in generating more inertia, which is beneficial for all four types.
  3. It makes the Layers' locking mechanism tighter than usual.
  4. For Attack Combinations, it helps them hold a Banking Pattern longer than usual.

Level Chips can also come in many different colors, and for a while could only be obtained through participating in special events, limiting the amount of people who owned them. Nowadays though, it's become easier to obtain. One of the ways you can obtain a Level Chip is by getting Emperor Forneus 13Meteor Survive, one of the eight possible Beyblades from the B-130 Random Booster Vol. 13 Air Knight.12E.Et.