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Libra 100D is a Stamina-type Beyblade included in the Beyblade Super Deck, along with Burn Cancer 90WD, and Pegasis 85RF.

Facebolt: Libra

The Face depicts "Libra", the seventh astrological sign of the Zodiac. Libra symbolizes balance and harmony.

Wheel: Libra

  • Weight: 40.5 grams

Representing the scales, Libra has small intrusions, causing little recoil. Due to such recoil, Libra is a great choice for Defense types. Libra also has some Stamina use, due to being unbalanced, although it is outclassed. Libra is also the heaviest Pre-HWS Wheel.

Spin Track: 100

100 is currently the third lowest Track available. Its low height allows Attack-based Wheels such as storm to make good contact with opposing Tracks and Wheels. It is outclassed by 90 and 85.

Performance Tip: D

This is a Defense Bottom, which acts as a wider version of a Sharp tip. When hit by an opponent, a Beyblade with this Bottom will have lessened recoil and will recover from attacks more efficiently than a Sharp Tip. However, while recovering, the Defense Bottom will cause the Beyblade to lose some Stamina, caused by the added friction. However, it is easier to knock over than WD, yet harder to knock over than SD.