A red Zero-G Light Launcher.

The BBG-05: Light Launcher is a new Launcher and updated version of the original Light Launcher released early in Metal Fight Beyblade. As its name suggests, it was made for and is intended to be used in the Zero-G system. It was released under Beyblade: Shogun Steel on March 20, 2012 for 630円 in Japan.

Its alternative is the Zero-G Compact Launcher.



Compared to its old version, the Shogun Steel Light Launcher has taken a radical change from the original. The Shogun Steel Light Launcher now has a red, pistol-like appearance where the Beyblade is launched vertically. It has the pistol-like handle which acts as a grip, where the pistol shape ends with the prongs for the Beyblade. There is also what looks like a Light Launcher at the top of its pistol-shape and houses the ripcord.


The vertical launch of the Zero-G Light Launcher.

These ripcords resemble the Light Launcher 2 variants, but slightly more thicker and they come in an array of colours. They are not only produced as the color black anymore.


Its alternative, the Zero-G Compact Launcher, is weaker than the Zero-G Light Launcher. As the Zero-G Light Launcher has a 1.1x gear ratio that is superior to the Compact's. It also is supposed to make launching in Zero-G BeyStadiums much easier. However, it is not the strongest launcher for the Shogun Steel launchers. The true stongest launcher of this selection is the Zero-G Launcher, a string launcher with a striking resemblence to this launcher.

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