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Light Launcher 2

The Light Launcher 2 is the second version of the Light Launcher 1/Hasbro's Ripcord Launcher. It is much stronger and gives a stronger pull. You pull the ripcord sideways instead of straight. Due to the extra strength and thickness of the ripcord, it will also have a much better chance of not breaking or snapping like standard Light Launcher ripcords. It is a great starter choice for any beginning Blader.


  • This is only released by Takara Tomy and SonoKong, but it might be possible to be released by Hasbro as well.
  • Takara Tomy and SonoKong may release these Launchers in different colors as well.
  • This Launcher comes with most starter Beyblades.
  • Zeo AbyssToby, and Jack are the only known characters in the anime that use the Light Launcher 2. Toby, unlike Zeo, uses a recolor of Light Launcher 2, in green color. Jack also uses a purple Light Launcher 2.


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