BB-125 Light Launcher LR

The Light Launcher LR, also known as the L3R, is a launcher for both Left and Right-Spin Beyblades.

It was originally released with Variares D:D, and then later on released by itself in purple.

This launcher is similar to the Light Launcher 2, because you must put the ripcord in sideways instead of straight; giving it a much stronger launch.


This launcher is very simple to use:

  • There are two prongs; The Black one is for Right-Spin, and the White one is for Left-Spin.
  • A switch is located on top of the launcher and has the Right Spin logo and the Left-Spin logo. Simply switch it to the direction you want it to spin and insert the correct type of prongs.

The L3R, is a decent launcher, but is very rough when you launch (because of the gears grinding together).


  • This launcher was originally black when released with Variares D:D.
  • This is the first time Takara Tomy has released a launcher in purple colors.



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