Lightning L-Drago 100HF
LightningLDrago 1
Lightning L Drago Hasbro
Face Bolt: L-Drago
Facebolt LDRAGO BB43 20918
Energy Ring: L-Drago
L-Drago clear wheel
Fusion Wheel: Lightning
Spin Track: 100
100 track
Performance Tip: Hole Flat (HF)
Hole Flat

Lightning L-Drago 100HF
LightningLDrago 1
Lightning L Drago Hasbro
Beyblade Details
Type Attack
Release Dates & Price
Country Release Date Price
JapanFlag Japan September 17, 2011 1200 yen
UnitedStatesFlag United States August 2010 $9.99
International Names
Language Name
JapanFlag Japanese (Kanji) ライトニングエルドラゴ 100HF
JapanFlag Japanese (Romaji) Raitoningu EruDorago 100HF
UnitedStatesFlag English Lightning L-Drago 100HF
Product Codes
Manufacturer Product Code
Takara Tomy BB-43
Hasbro BB-43

Lightning L-Drago 100HF
LightningLDrago 1
Lightning L Drago Hasbro
Anime & Manga Information
Owner Ryuga
Anime Debut L-Drago Awakens
Manga Debut N/A

Lightning L-Drago 100HF
LightningLDrago 1
Lightning L Drago Hasbro
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  • Many people compare Lightning L-Drago 100HF to Storm Pegasus 105RF. Storm Pegasus' RF tip has more grip, and has more defense. Stamina: The Hole-Flat of Lightning L-Drago provides more stamina than the Rubber Flat of Storm Pegasus. And on Attack, while their stats are quite equal; as stated by Madoka Amano, Lightning L-Drago has the ability to repeatingly attack its opponent after collision because of the way that it spins, unlike Storm Pegasus who must chase its foes to repeatedly attack; this gives Lightning L-Drago 100HF the overall advantage in attack. For Lightning L-Drago, It uses its collision impact from its amazing attack power to make up for its weak balance and defense. In a real match between Lightning L-Drago 100HF against Storm Pegasus 105RF, Storm Pegasus wins as it has more grip. However, Lightning L-Drago wins mostly as it has lots of Smash attack in its Fusion Wheel.
  • While many say that L-Drago was the first bey ever created, there were a lot of Beyblades in King Hades Kingdom and that was before L-Drago.
  • In the original series Tyson has a Dragon Bey which is not an evil Bey, but in the Metal Saga L-Drago is an evil Bey.
  • If you place the Energy Ring from the Hasbro Super Vortex Battle Set Version onto the Takara Tomy Black Version Fusion Wheel, you will have a fully gold L-Drago.
  • Lightning L-Drago is the second Bey created to have a mode Change, involving the energy ring and fusion wheel. Storm Aquario's HF/S was the first.
  • It was L-Drago who inspired the creation of Omega Dragonis and Ray Striker.
  • Lightning L-Drago doesn't have any rubber on it, unlike its evolutions, Meteo L-Drago LW105LFL-Drago Destructor F:S and L-Drago Guardian S130MB.
  • In the anime, Lightning L-Drago used dark power to absorb strength from other Beys, because it didn't have rubber, but Meteo L-Drago, L-Drago's second evolved form, has rubber so in the anime it uses its own power to absorb strength.
  • The Corocoro Limited Ver. appeared in the manga, unlike the other versions of L-Drago, which didn't appear in the manga or in the anime.
  • Takara-Tomy may later succeed the L-Drago Beyblades with the release of the Zero-G Beyblade Dark Knight Dragooon LW160BSF.
  • Lightning L-Drago is the only non-generic Attack-Type in Beyblade: Metal Fusion that doesn't use the Storm Wheel.
  • People think that L-Drago and Dragoon are related. But in Chinese terms, Dragoon was the East Dragon and L-Drago was the West Dragon.
  • The Hasbro Electro L-Drago resembles  Lightning L-Drago Kyokuryuu ver.
  • The individual release of the Hasbro version originally came with a blank face bolt, with a sticker to apply to it. The Battle Set version came with a printed face bolt.
  • Lightning L-Drago is the only bey that has more than one beast because his beast changed in the battle bladers final battle to light purple dragon from dark purple dragon. We´re not counting dark forms of beys made by Diablo Nemesis so Nemesis has only one beast.

Lightning L-Drago 100HF
LightningLDrago 1
Lightning L Drago Hasbro

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Lightning L-Drago 100HF
LightningLDrago 1
Lightning L Drago Hasbro

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Lightning L-Drago 100HF
LightningLDrago 1
Lightning L Drago Hasbro
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