Lightning Screwdriver (スクリュー・デスドライバー, sukuryuu desu doraibaa) is Tobio's finishing move in the anime.

Lightning Screw Driver
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Beyblade: Metal Fusion

Capricorn leaps into the air and whips its head around. While it's doing this, a pale-red tornado is formed, starting at the horn whipping. Then, Capricorn dives down and smashes onto the opponent. It was first used in Episode 25.


  • There is one difference in the special move thats not in Pegasus Starblast Attack, Capricorn starts twisting on its way down, instead of heading straight down.
  • According to Benkei, the only time you can tell where Capricorn is going, is when this move is performed.
  • Like Befall's Beautiful Dead, the bey goes up and spins while hitting the opposing bey above, damaging it.
  • Although this move debuted as Lightning Screwdriver, Tobio called it Spin Screwdriver after the battle with Kyoya and so on.
  • This move was never successful when used.
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