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The Lightning Sword Showdown 2-Pack is a Hasbro exclusive Beyblade: Metal Masters Faceoff Pack released in 2011. It includes a recolor of Ray Striker D125CS and Inferno Gasher SW145SF.



This faceoff pack contains competitve parts despite not being labeled as "BeyPower". The parts are the following

  • Striker can find use in Attack combos due to how little it interferes with most Fusion Wheel's gaps
  • Gasher is top tier Clear Wheel that has found use in multiple Defense and Stamina combos such as Flame Gasher 230CS and Phantom Gasher 100MF
  • Coated Sharp (CS) can be used in Defense combinations such as the aforementioned Flame 230, and Earth Bull 105CS
  • Semi Flat (SF) has found niche use in Destabilizer combos such as Flame Pegasus ll 100SF

As such this pack is a worthwhile purchase as it contains parts that are a welcome addition to every Bladers competitive collection.