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Lin Kon is a minor character that appears in the final chapter of the original Beyblade Manga. She is Ray and Mariah's daughter. In general, she looks like a mix of the two, without too many differences from either since Ray, Mariah and Lee com from the same clan of Humanoid Cats, or Neko-Jins. Lin has a strong spirit and hot-headedness (she dislikes being called 'little', so she kicked DJ Daichi's legs). Her clothing style is also Chinese. Her Beyblade is a variant of Driger, Ray's Bit-Beast. Lin only appears in the last Manga volume's special chapter, where she fights in the tournament with Goh Hiwatari and Makoto Granger.

Rin Kon and Ray


  • Rin is a Japanese name. The Chinese name 'Ling' might be the best translation, yet there is no confirmation.

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