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Lion Wild Wind Fang Dance is a special move used by Kyoya Tategami's Rock Leone 145WB.


Much like the Lion Gale Force Wall, the Lion Wild Wind Fang Dance forms a tornado but unlike the former, it is a twister. Just like the name suggests, the tornado dances as it is a fierce twister. The length of the tornado is really high as the whole town was able to see the twister during Kyoya's battle with Gingka.

Beyblade: Metal Fusion

It was first used in Leone's Counterattack against Kenta and Benkei. The move is an upgraded version of Lion Gale Force Wall.


  • Kyoya created this move during his time in Wolf Canyon and made it so he can defeat Gingka as he was able to defeat Kyoya the last time by taking advantage of the Lion Gale Force Wall's weakness, attacks from above which was not possible this time because of the twister.